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Gautam Vij was shocked by the growing friendship between Soundarya Sharma and Shaleen Bhanot, accused the actress of many things

Shaleen Bhanot and Soundarya’s relationship has been like this since the initial days of Bigg Boss 16, which is difficult to fathom. Sometimes the spark of love was seen in them and sometimes the yearning of friendship was seen. Then Gautam Vij came in between them. From where Soundarya’s love life started. Meanwhile, there was a distance between him and Shaleen, but as soon as Gautam was evicted, both of them came together again. Now Gautam is not liking this thing at all. The actor has spoken openly in an interview.

In a special conversation with ‘ETimes’, Gautam Vig said that he is not happy with Soundarya and Shaleen’s friendship again. He was even hurt when he saw Soundarya asking Shaleen about his feelings. Gautam also said that because of Soundarya’s over protective nature, he stopped talking to his own friends and started sidelining her. Apart from this, Gautam also told about the reaction of the family on his relationship with Soundarya.

Gautam said on Shalin-Soundarya’s friendship
Gautam Vij said that he did not like at all that Soundarya was asking Shaleen about her (Gautam) feelings whether it was true or false. He says, ‘I felt really bad. When she discussed with Archana Gautam, it didn’t bother me because she was trying to expose Tina and Shaleen through Soundarya but I was shocked when I saw that she was discussing with Shaleen. I remember having a conversation with Soundarya where I clearly told her that she can find many shoulders to cry on but which one she needs for support, she has to decide. I know she is very emotional right now. She is also wearing my locket. She is realizing my presence from my clothes but I felt bad that she spent 50 days with me and she is politely asking about my feelings. Who is Shaleen Bhanot? From which you are asking for validation of my feelings. I felt very bad and shocked too. But I trust him that maybe it is a part of his game. When she comes out, we will sit and talk.

At the behest of Soundarya, Gautam proved that he had feelings.
Gautam Vij further said that he had to prove his feelings to Soundarya. I was asked to do something that is not fake. Maybe she thinks I can handle all kinds of pressure and that’s why she always used to ask me to prove my feelings. Soundarya is of over protective nature that’s why I stopped talking to my friends. But I also feel that this could be a reason that those who used to comment on our relations should be sidelined. I had a mind of my own. Had different equations with people. Before coming out of the house, I started talking to Nimrit. Even talking to Teen was happening. I knew I could fix things with friends and I started doing that but got evicted.

‘Soundarya needs to talk to other family members’
Gautam Vij further said on Shaleen and Soundarya’s relationship that if the actress is doing this for the game then it is fine but my only problem is that it is not looking good. He is coming out the wrong way. Even the housemates are talking about it and he should understand it. She should know that there are 12 other contestants in the house whom she can talk to. Can make a good bond with them. There is Shiv, MC Stan, Nimrit, Tina means everyone is there. Why only polite? How can you be friends with someone who is fake? Soundarya started hating Shaleen when she saw his video in Weekend Ka Vaar, in which he was speaking a lot to Soundarya. But I don’t understand why she is talking to him again. Don’t forget yourself for the game.

Parents’ reaction on Gautam Vij’s eviction
Gautam Vij told that his parents were also shocked by his eviction. He was unable to recover from this. But he is also happy that after 7 weeks he is able to talk to me. They are not able to digest the fact that I have become homeless. Apart from this, beauty is also a concern for them. He has seen my and her relationship in Bigg Boss. Now once she comes out then we will decide how to handle it.



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