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Gautam’s ex-wife Richa said – There is only attraction with Soundarya, focusing on love more than the game

TV actor Gautam Singh Vig is inside the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house. There are many fans out there supporting him. One such cheerleader is his ex-wife Richa Gera. Both got divorced in December 2020. Talking about her relationship with Gautam, Richa has said many things. Along with this, he has also given his opinion about his game in Bigg Boss house. She says, ‘We get along very well and share a good friendship. Gautam and I have known each other since childhood. However, good friendships do not necessarily translate into successful marriages. When you are busy, it becomes difficult to make time for each other and expectations as a partner always rise, which can be difficult to meet. We understood this and decided to end our marriage as we did not want our relationship to be affected or our respect for each other to decrease.

What did Richa say on Gautam’s game?
Richa Gera, an MBA, works as AVP, HR in a foreign bank. She talks about Gautam Vig being real in the reality show. She says, ‘I watch Bigg Boss every year and always used to tell Gautam that I want him to participate in the show. When he took it, he called me and said he was going to make my dream come true. He is doing very well. I am sure he will make it to the finale and I am excited to see him lift the trophy.

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Gautam has an attraction with Soundarya – Richa
There is also a discussion of Gautam’s close friends with Soundarya Sharma. Many have been accusing Gautam of faking it for the camera. How comfortable is she with her relationship? On this Richa said, ‘I am happy to see Gautam moving forward. Whether inside the house or outside, it is totally Gautam’s decision. Soundarya will have her own plans. They are the best looking couple inside the house. However, I think they are rushing it. As much as I know Gautam, he takes time to know and love a person. I think it is attraction from both sides, not love. Gautam is better as a friend than as a lover.’

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ignore love and focus on the game
She further says, ‘Soundarya is trying her best to support her, but she also has to play freely. They are now bound by relationship. He can do really well if he concentrates on the game and he is spoiling it by focusing more on love. Shape out love.’

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Big Boss has gone after Gautam
Richa also reveals how Gautam is targeted and interrogated all the time. She says, ‘The real him is who he was in the first week, a fun-loving guy. He regained consciousness when asked about his week-by-week behaviour. Bigg Boss has caught on to this and is playing a lot of mind games. They pulled Gautam too much and he shouldn’t do that much. You cannot drag him for everything, be it for love and friendship. One would be alert after so many allegations, because it is on national television. He should be given the freedom to play his game.



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