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Has Sunil Grover started selling peanuts on the road now? Surprised fans are asking questions after watching the video

Comedian and actor Sunil Grover never fails to make people laugh. He remains in the headlines because of his strange antics. The actor, who came into limelight with Kapali Sharma’s show, also did many shows alone but did not get much success. Although he has made a different place in the industry with films. and still working. So. A video has surfaced of Sunil Grover, in which he is selling peanuts. Everyone is shocked after seeing this.

If you look at Sunil Grover’s Instagram handle, you will find that he remains quite active. Sometimes he shares his picture with the fans and sometimes he is seen selling something on the roadside. On September 15 too, he had shared a similar video, in which he was selling Kanthimala sitting on the road. Not only this, he is also seen serving in the bar. Now he is selling peanuts.

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Sunil Grover started selling groundnuts on the road
Sunil Grover reaches a roadside groundnut shop. First he looks at all the items kept there and then sits down and starts roasting peanuts. Seeing the video, it seems as if this shop does not belong to anyone else but his own. He repeatedly takes out peanuts from the pan. Let’s move it and then also bounce it in between. Dressed in regular jacket and jeans, Sunil is looking very cute.

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People commented on Sunil Grover’s post
In the caption of the video, the actor wrote – Eat, eat. After this people started commenting. One wrote – Imagine going to get peanuts and find Sunil Grover there. One wrote – Sir, let me know now. One said – You will sell peanuts when you grow up, it has become true. One wrote – Sunil Grover film banao bhaiya kuch … is not stopping now. One said- The condition after leaving the Kapil Sharma show. One wrote – He has opened his business. Earning from two places. By the way, let us tell you that this video has been made by the actor only for fun. He has not started this work.



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