How old is Riva Arora? If you see these 4 photos then the age of the actress will be revealed

There are many arguments about the age of social media sensation Riva Arora, who has worked in films and TV serials. How old is she, how old is she, is she really 12 years old, like all these questions are prevailing on the internet. Although the actress had said a few days ago that she would soon reveal her age. But how and when was not informed. But her latest Instagram post is clearly testifying that she is no longer a child.

Actually, Riva Arora remains very active on Instagram. Makes reels with big celebs. Also posts photos with them. Sometime ago, he has also made a video with Karan Kundrra in a bar. She was also romancing with him, after which she had to face a lot of criticism. People called her a child. It was said that she is doing such activities with a person twice her age which is not right. His mother also clarified many times about his age but did not tell the correct digit.

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Riva Arora got a gleaming car

But Riva Arora has probably told her age now. He has 10 million followers on Instagram. Means 1 crore people are following him. Now in this happiness, the actress posted a post. In four pictures, she is seen with a gleaming car. In one, even the keys of the car are being handed over to them. A caption has also been written with this post and it has been told that this Audi car has been gifted to him by his mother and grandmother on completion of 10 million. Along with this, he has also said thank you to the Insta family for so much love and respect.

Is Riva 18 years old?

Now people asked on this post, can she drive? So tell me that maybe yes. Because now no one will give such a luxury car to a 12 year old girl. No matter how much a parent loves their child, no one would do this stupidity. In such a situation, it is clear that Rewa is now 18 years old or must have been more than that. That’s why they have got this unique gift. So. Even now we cannot confirm, but the way this gift is, at least a few things become clear from it.

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