In a game of minutes, Sumbul becomes Shiv – a disaster for Stan? Angry fans catch Big Boss’s trick!

Few days are left for the grand finale of Bigg Boss 16. In such a situation, the last nomination task of the show took place. Bigg Boss played for this task. He assigned this task to the contestants in a different way. Where two teams were formed in the house. Archana Gautam-Priyanka Chowdhary-Shaleen Bhanot and Shiv Thackeray-MC Stan-Sumbul. The one who wins from these two teams will be saved from the nomination and the team who loses will be directly nominated to be evicted from the house. In this task, Shiv Mandali had to face a crushing defeat. Its responsibility fell on Sumbul.

Bigg Boss himself said that this team lost because of Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s counting, while Priyanka-Archana won because of Shaleen. Now after such a big uproar, the weather in the house has deteriorated. Shiv Mandali looked in shock. And now Sumbul’s fans and Shiva’s fans clashed with each other. Sumbul’s fans even accused Bigg Boss of deliberately defeating Sumbul. At the same time, some news is also coming that it can be none other than Sumbul to be evicted from the house this weekend. Well, at the moment there has been no formal announcement regarding this. Let us show what the fans of Sumbul Tauqeer Khan are saying.

Fans appealed to save Sumbul

Fans raised questions on the channel

Shiva – Sumbul’s fans are saddened by Stan’s words

Fan raised questions on Bigg Boss and compared to Archana saying that Sumbul was continuously counting in the task. While Archana did nothing. Why does he want to show Sumbul bad?

Designer Ken came on the show in yesterday’s episode. Who is going to design the finale costume of the contestants. During this, he raised questions on Sumbul’s dressing sense as to why she does not change anything in her outfit. Now the audience did not like these things. The fans said that why Sumbul is being humiliated like this.

How is the responsibility of nomination on Sumbul?

Fans felt bad about this too

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