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In order to become shy, Bigg Boss did the 16th season like this, these 5 things are screaming proof

It has been a full month for the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 on Colors channel. Many colors of this show were seen in these one month. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s boredom. Although this time it was going to be more interesting as it was said that Bigg Boss will play himself. The spectators were also quite excited that how he would finally take part in this game. Along with this, many other changes were also made in it to make it different. Like every time, this season too, the makers have poured all their intellect, but it is said that things tend to get stuck in the process of decorating more. Something similar happened with Bigg Boss 16 as well. Today we will tell you about 5 such things, after knowing which you will also say – have been annihilated.

Bigg Boss 16 is a show where the reality of big celebs comes to the fore. Their reality becomes doodh ki doodh and water ki water in front of the public. Many names were associated in this journey which started from 2006. Many different concepts were seen. There were many new hosts and friends but what happened this season was beyond expectation.

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1- Big Boss has done the game

big boss

It was said that Bigg Boss himself will play in Bigg Boss 16. Everyone was excited. I was too. A month has passed since this season, which started on October 1, but till date he has not been seen playing. Where earlier his voice used to shake the family members. At the same time, saying no to them today is now all equal. In between, he keeps on scolding the family members by calling them in the confession room but nothing really happens to him. Sometimes it seems that he is guiding them like a guardian. In this sense, the first twist of the season was a flop.

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2- Arrows are hitting by not getting the task done

bigg boss 16

Bigg Boss is known for its task. One-of-a-kind tasks have taken place in this house, in which many have been injured and many have made their place in the hearts of the audience. But this is the first season in which Bigg Boss is not getting any task done. Even if it happens, in two people, that one also has children. The power that later gives to the winner is not less than the toffee of Chawni. It is not known which gun the makers have fired this time by making four rooms. Which arrow did you shoot? The task was its life, due to which this season has become lifeless.

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3- Bigg Boss 16 became a dating show

bigg boss 16

In Bigg Boss 16, not one but three couples have become, that too within a month. Watched 15 seasons but such a fast process has not been seen till date. Tina-Shaleen, Gautam-Saundarya seemed totally fake. It seems as if the first condition in the contract of all of them was written to create a love angle. As soon as they came in the house, they started playing love and love. Priyanka and Ankit are going to be friends from outside, but even after Ankit’s refusal many times, the makers are looking to show both of them as a couple. Well that’s right. When the task is not there, the contestants will perform their self-task.

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4- Stop singing and start anthem

bigg boss 16

The wakeup song that has been playing in the Bigg Boss house for years was abruptly stopped this season. Instead it was played – ‘Hum hai Bigg Boss ke waasi… na chhodonge kami zaara si ..’ meaning Bigg Boss anthem. Which is really boring. Everyone stands in line like a school prayer and everyone starts singing this song loudly. Due to this, everyone gets up less, goes to sleep more. Because who will wake up from this boring song? But Bigg Boss is great, this time no one is proud. Please do something Big Boss because if it goes on like this for two more months then you will drown.

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5- Shekhar Suman drowns the sinking show

bigg boss 16

This time Shekhar Suman has been given a full day in Bigg Boss 16. He is leaving no stone unturned to wow the audience and the contestants with his new segment. He is making everyone sleepy with his funny poetry, boring commentary. Even though he came four times in a month, but seeing the same episode did not give such a feeling that he should keep coming. People are being tortured just in the name of giving them work. Even if their segment is not there, it will work. But this time Bigg Boss has made everything jaggery and dung by removing Weekend Ka Vaar.
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