In the task, the family members threw mud at each other, know the complete update of the 62nd day of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 62 Written Update: Every day of Bigg Boss house is becoming very entertaining. A lot of drama is also seen in ‘Friday’s War’. During a task, such a fight starts between Ankit and Priyanka which does not end even after the task. At the same time, Salman Khan also conducts classes for the family members fiercely. Let us know what else happens on the 62nd day in the house.

The housemates got the task of throwing mud
Salman Khan comes in Friday’s war and says that first let’s see what has happened in the house. In the episode of Day 62, Bigg Boss wishes good morning to the housemates and gives them a task to guess who has said what behind their back. After this, some statements are written on the TV and the contestant whose name appears has to guess who has said that thing and then the one whose name they take has to stand behind Guiliton and mud is thrown at them. . First of all, Tina has to guess who said what about her, but most of Tina’s guesses are wrong. After this, Nimrit’s turn comes and she also guesses. At the same time Priyanka’s turn also comes and there is a fierce fight between Ankit and Priyanka regarding a statement. After this, it is the turn of all the family members one by one and they guess who has given what statement for them. During this, most of the buckets of mud are thrown at Archana for the statement spoken behind her back.

Salman Khan talks about Ankit-Priyanka’s fight
After this, host Salman Khan enters the house. When Salman Khan arrives, he starts conducting classes for the family members. Salman Khan speaks on the fight between Ankit and Priyanka and says that throughout the season, Ankit has never spoken as much as he has in three days. After this, Salman Khan asks Ankit about the whole quarrel. Knowing the whole thing, Salman tells Ankit that why do you give advice to those who do not want to understand anything. After this, Salman Khan also tells Priyanka that you are playing well individually, but things get worse when you are together.

This was the real reason for not cutting Tina’s birthday cake
After this, Salman Khan also talks about Tina’s dog and says that Archana was wrong but you yourself brought this thing out. Salman Khan reminds Tina that you yourself said in anger on not getting captaincy that I do not want to celebrate birthday with these lies, but did you tell them this. You said that I am saddened by the death of my dog, that’s why I am not celebrating the birthday. On this, Salman also says whether you were angry when Nimrit was made the captain. Tina also tries to clear on this. After this, Salman Khan says that you made an excuse for your dog queen by not telling the real reason and you did not tell this openly to these people.

golden boys bid farewell
After this, Salman Khan tells the Golden Boys that your dream of coming home has come true. You felt that script is available in this house but it is not so. Now you lift your weight and come out of the house. After this the Golden Boys come out of the house. With this, Friday’s episode ends. Tomorrow in Saturday’s Vaar, the public will expose all the arrogance of the family members and will make them face the truth. At the same time, Salman Khan will also conduct a fierce class for Archana and Shaleen.

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