Kajol laughed after seeing such mimicry of husband Ajay Devgan in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, see what happened

Kajol is currently in discussion about her film ‘Salaam Venky’. She is also doing a lot of promotion of this film. Recently, Kajol reached ‘Bigg Boss 16’ with the film’s director Revati. Now she reached ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Along with Revathi and actor Vishal Jethwa were also there. In the episode, Jayvijay imitated Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgan in such a way that the actress burst into laughter.

Makers have released a new promo of The Kapil Sharma Show. In the promo, Kapil Sharma welcomes the cast of ‘Salaam Venky’. After this Vishal Jethwa tells that he has done both his films (‘Mardaani 2’ and ‘Salaam Venky’) with the Mukherjee family. On this, Kapil asks Tapak why he has taken loan etc. from him?

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Kajol laughed after seeing Ajay Devgan’s mimicry

After this, there is the entry of comedian Jayvijay on the set. He enters wearing the same T-shirt that Shah Rukh Khan wore in the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. Then he mimics Shahrukh and speaks his dialogue – Pyaar dosti hai. Seeing Jayvijay flirting with Kajol like this, Kapil tells him, ‘Brother, don’t be too frank. Do you know Ajay Devgan sir?

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Kajol gave standing ovation

Hearing this, Jayvijay says that yes, he does his acting too. After this, he imitates Ajay Devgan and speaks the dialogue ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’. Kajol laughs out. She is surprised to see such mimicry and then gives a standing ovation for Jayvijay.

‘Salaam Venky’ to release on December 9

Talking about ‘Salaam Venky’, it has been directed by Revathi. It will be released in theaters on 9 December. Aamir Khan also has a cameo in the film. ‘Salaam Venky’ also stars Aahana Kumra, Rajeev Khandelwal and Rahul Bose.

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