Kapil Sharma broke the silence, told the truth of enmity between Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma is in discussion these days due to his movie ‘Zwigato’. The film has been released in theaters on 17 March. Earlier, Kapil promoted the film vigorously. During this, Kapil has also given clarification regarding the news of rift with Krishna Abhishek, Bharti Singh and Ali Asgar. Please tell that Sunil Grover and Upasana Singh have also left Kapil’s show.

There is no enmity with the artists who left the show!

Kapil Sharma clarified in an interview to a news channel that there is no enmity between him and the artists who left The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS). Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Upasana Singh are among the many famous names who have left the show.

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Kapil agreed – was very angry earlier

Kapil said that he has never been insecure and has always found people whose work he likes. He admitted that he was very angry earlier, but he has worked on it now. He also shared that his love and anger comes from the place where he was brought up.

Why did Kapil’s co-stars leave?

When Kapil was asked why his co-stars left, he said, “Ask them why they didn’t stop, I am at my own place.” I had a fight with Sunil (Grover), okay. Bharti Singh If you see on Instagram, we sit together. Bharti has started her production house. She is doing her own work and is very busy. It is not that those who have gone have fought with me. Upasana Singh is doing a great job in films. We talked just a few days ago. Krishna is a good friend. That’s why you cannot put everyone in the same category except Sunil.

Kapil gave this clarification

Kapil also shared that he is no longer a producer, so he has no role to play in case someone leaves due to contract issues and cannot force artists to reduce their fees. He said, ‘I never feel that anyone is standing equal to me. I was never stressed about it. When you produce a show, you have to pay attention to 10 things. But now I am free from it, I am Don. Not producing I have a direct contract with the channel. And they do it. If someone sits with the channel then it is okay. I love Krishna, but I don’t know what was the problem with his contract. I can’t ask, because I can’t say reduce your fees. Doesn’t make sense to me, does it?

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