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Kapil Sharma lives a luxury life, never had money to buy a ring for his sister

Kapil Sharma Struggle: The new season of The Kapil Sharma Show has started. Once again Kapil Sharma is seen entertaining the audience a lot with his team. Whenever Kapil Sharma’s show goes off air, fans eagerly wait for his new season. There is a lot of craze for Kapil Sharma among people. Although all this was not easy for Kapil at all.

To reach this point, he has struggled a lot in his life, then he is living such a luxury life. Kapil Sharma has worked hard in his life, then he has reached these heights. Kapil Sharma may be the owner of crores today, but at one time he has also seen very difficult days.

There was a time in the life of Kapil Sharma when his financial condition was not good at all. Due to lack of money, he was not able to even marry his sister. Kapil Sharma had told during an interview that he needed a ring for his sister but he did not even have money to buy it. In the interview, Kapil Sharma had said that his sister’s marriage was fixed in the year 2007. In such a situation, her sister’s mother-in-law’s demand was that the ring ceremony should be held in a grand way, but there was not enough money in the house to buy a ring for her sister.

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Kapil’s luck changed after winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show

Kapil Sharma decided to come to Mumbai after that. Kapil’s luck proved to be good in this place that he won The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Show. After becoming the winner, Kapil Sharma got 10 lakh rupees. After this the comedian did many shows and earned 30 lakh rupees, after that he married his sister. Apart from the old times, now Kapil’s life has completely changed. Kapil earns in crores today. According to media reports, Kapil Sharma’s net worth is around Rs 276 crore.

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