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Karan Mehra said – I don’t mind if my divorce with Nisha Rawal is shown LIVE too

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame TV actors Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal were once the most loved celebrity couple in the industry. The fans of both were shocked when Nisha made serious allegations of assault on her husband and affair with another woman. Karan Mehra was also arrested in May 2021 last year due to allegations of domestic violence, in which he later got bail. Since then their relationship has gone through a very bad phase. Even Karan Mehra retaliated and told Nisha to be suffering from bipolar disorder. In the midst of the ongoing blame game between the two, now Karan Mehra has said something about the divorce, which everyone should be shocked to hear.

Karan Mehra has now said in a new interview that he wants Nisha Rawal and her divorce process to be streamed live. Karan says that he has nothing to hide. That’s why he wants the truth of Nisha Rawal to come in front of the world. In the interview given to RJ Kannan, Karan says that he doesn’t care about anything anymore.

Karan raised questions on Nisha’s character
Earlier, Karan Mehra had also raised questions on the character of Nisha Rawal. Karan had said that Nisha has an illicit relationship with her estranged brother Rohit Satia. Now in the latest interview, when Karan Mehra was asked if he wants his divorce case to be live streamed like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? To this the actor said, ‘This does not happen in India, because this system does not exist here. In the last few years, I have understood so much in the matter of law, with which I never had any concern. Case, drafting, lawyer, some things I have learned. So, this system does not exist here where you can do live trials.

Nisha Rawal: Nisha Rawal once again got angry with Karan Mehra, broke silence on relationship with Rohit Satia
Karan Mehra: Karan Mehra, terribly scared about son Kavish, said – he does not know anything for a year, he has changed
‘I don’t mind even if I show it live’
Karan further says, ‘But if it happens then I would love it, because I have nothing to hide. I have attached 1500 pages to the case, and I have written them myself. I’ve done all this when I didn’t have any. There was no means. I didn’t even have the facility to collect any papers from my home.

Rohit Satia: Rohit Satia broke silence for the first time on Karan Mehra’s allegations, told the truth of Nisha Rawal’s daughter-in-law
Friendship, love, marriage and now divorce on the sets of the film
For information, let us tell you that in the year 2008, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal met on the set of the film ‘Hanste Hansate’. Karan was the assistant of a stylist there. While Nisha Rawal was the lead actress of the film. Both became friends during the shooting and then both fell in love. In the year 2012, Karan and Nisha got married. They also have a son, Kavish Mehra.



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