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Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 Highlights: Shivangi screamed due to electrocution, Nishant was bitten by a pig and then dropped

The latest episode of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’ is full of dangers, fears and adventures. At first, as soon as the show started, all the contestants were seen in full swing and everyone had already tightened their waist. How can Rohit Shetty, the host of this show, watch. He quickly explained the first task to everyone. The first task of the show was quite tough and terrifying. It was performed by Jannat and Prateek, Sriti and Mohit.

Sriti was blown away by the car
In the first task, the players had to drive but in a very fun way. One car was on the road and the other was tied on top of it. Partners had to perform stunts sitting in one vehicle each. It was first done by Jannat and Prateek. He also completed the task. After this Sriti and Mohit went for the task. He also did the task very well. But Sriti and Mohit did it very well and they won it. With this, Jannat and Prateek got the fear noose.

Chetna-Rajeev won
After this, the next task was explained by Rohit Shetty back to everyone. Shivangi-Faiju and Chetna-Rajeev had to do this stunt together. This was also a partner stunt, which Shivangi and Faizu did earlier. He did not complete the stunt. After this Chetna and Rajiv went together for the stunt. He had to carry a rod from one end to the other in this stunt. Whose wires had current. It was completed by Chetna and Rajiv and they won it. In this way Shivangi and Faizu got the fear noose.

Stunning dance of Kanika-Tushar
There is also a tinge of entertainment in between the shows. For this, Rohit Shetty got Rajiv to do a wonderful dance. Seeing Rajeev’s amazing dance, everyone was blown away. After this Kanika and Tusshar danced together. The couple dance of both was quite stunning. Both of them set Cape Town on fire with their chemistry. After this Rajiv also danced.

Contestants trapped among pigs
The next stunt was also a partner stunt. Rubina and Kanika had to do it first. This task was very dangerous. In this, the contestants were left among the pigs. He had to perform stunts in a mud-filled field. Rubina and Kanika went first for the task and did the task well. After this Nishant and Tusshar reached among the pigs for the stunt. During the stunt, Nishant was also bitten by a pig. This stunt was won by Tusshar and Nishant and Kanika, Rubina got the fear noose.


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