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Khatron Ke Khiladi 12: Kanika gets electrocuted, Rubina injured, players die due to glass break

This weekend episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 saw a lot of fun. First of all, the show started with Rohit Shetty’s laughter. This time he told many such things, which never happened in the history of KKK. Rohit Shetty told that two separate teams will be formed, which will be captained. There was a task for this too. All 10 players went in it and the stunt was very fun. In the end, two captains were found, who were Tushar and Mohit.

There was a lot of fun then the torture started
Then came a song of Sriti at another location, which she herself wrote. Then there was fun with Kanika. After this the stunt started, in which everyone faced the current once again. After that some insects were found and then finally once again the current. The first to go for this stunt were Nishant, Sriti and Chetna, who were from Tusshar’s team. But before that Jannat, Kanika and Faizu went from Mohit’s team.

Mohit’s team won
All three did the stunts very well but Kanika’s condition got worst. In the end, that task could not be completed because of Kanika. Although they reached the last box. After this Nishant, Chetna and Sriti went for their team. They didn’t complete it and as a result they lost. Such Mohit’s team got points.

Identifying Animals Tough Task
After this everyone reached the next location and first had a lot of fun and then the next game started. In the next stunt, the players had to guess the animals. They had a bandage on their mouths and different kinds of animals were thrown. Rajiv went for it first. He did not complete the stunt but two animals were recognized. Then went to heaven from the other team. She also recognized two animals but lost due to time.

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stunt over water
The next stunt involved a platform over water, where all four players had to stand in line and collect flags as they progressed. After this, after the glass burst, that player in the water. Team Tushar went to do it first. Everyone tried to do well but Sriti and Chetna fell on the first glass itself. However, Tusshar’s team brought two flags. Now it was the turn of Mohit’s team. First everyone went together. First Kanika fell in the water and then by doing so gradually all fell into the water. This week the scores of both the teams were equal.


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