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Kinjal, shocked by the breakdown of the house, will take such a step, Kavya and Anupama will also be blown away

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: These days the track of Toshu’s extra marital affair is going on in TV’s most superhit serial ‘Anupama’. In this, the settled house of Kinjal has been broken. Kinjal is deeply shocked by Toshu’s betrayal and she is shedding tears seeing old memories sitting alone. Anupama is also being accused of breaking the house for keeping this act of Toshu in front of the whole family.

However, there is going to be more drama in the latest episode of the show. On one hand Paritosh alias Toshu’s household has been ruined and on the other hand Anupama has again come under target of Baa, Vanraj and Rakhi Dave. Anupama will get only Anuj Kapadia’s support in the entire family, but Anupama’s twists and turns do not end here. Kinjal is about to take a big step in the latest episode of the show.

Kinjal will refresh old memories

Anupama’s latest track is being liked by the audience a lot. In the story of the show, Kinjal is deeply saddened to be betrayed by her husband. He is not ready to talk to anyone. Here Vanraj has thrown his son out of the house. Kinjal is reliving old memories by locking herself in the room with her daughter. There will be more ruckus in the latest episode of the show when Kavya will run to Anupama for help.

Anuj will support Anupama

In the latest promo of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer show ‘Anupama’, it is shown that after all this, Anupama is sitting and thinking with a calm mind. Baa, Anupama gets very upset after hearing Rakhi Dave’s taunts. In this, Anuj will justify him for this decision. Anuj will say that you did absolutely right, all this has always been happening behind the scenes. All this should come in front of the family so that people know what is wrong and what is right.

Kinjal will take such a step

On the other hand, Kavya is cursing Toshu and seeing her old pictures. She would say that everything was a lie, her love and care were all. During this, Kinjal deletes all the photos. Then Kavya reaches there and seeing Kinjal sad she comes to Anupama. She will call Anupama and take her to Kavya’s room where both of them will be blown away after seeing the view.

In the latest episode of ‘Anupama’ it will be shown that Kinjal will not be able to bear this shock and will try to take her own life. Now it remains to be seen whether Anupama will be able to stop any untoward incident in the Shah family. Or will he regret more after this incident?

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