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‘Kundali Bhagya’ fame Anjum Fakih is in a relationship for one and a half years, know who is her boyfriend!

Famous actress Anjum Fakih, who became a household name with the TV serial ‘Kundali Bhagya’, has made a shocking disclosure about the relationship. He talked about his personal life for the first time. Also told that her boyfriend is not from the world of TV i.e. entertainment field. She has confessed that she is dating a boy for the last one and a half years. He has also told why till now the relationship was hidden from the people of the world. Let us know what else he has said.

Anjum Fakih On Relationship revealed in an interview to Hindustan Times, ‘I have been dating a guy for the last one and a half years. I never come out in the open and express my love for the one I’m dating because I feel I shouldn’t do this until things are solid. I seriously believe that the eye gets noticed.

Anjum is learning a lot from her boyfriend

However, Anjum did not reveal the name and identity of his partner. But she has definitely told that her boyfriend is not from the entertainment industry. She says, ‘I have been a model, so I dated models and actors. I realized later that dating someone from another industry is also necessary. Conversations with my boyfriend are very light-hearted. I am learning a lot from him.

on past relationship

33-year-old Anjum further revealed that despite being a die-hard romantic, previous relationships didn’t work out. She says, “I am waiting for the right time (to talk openly about him). I have learned this very late in my life. I am a very impulsive person who is straight forward and blunt. My partner has made me realize how important it is to calm myself and work with an open mind.

When will you get married?

The actress told that their relationship is going well and now they are getting to know each other. The actress’s family knows that she likes someone and is waiting for the relationship to progress further. Despite so many broken relationships in the past, he has not lost his faith in love. He believes that love always wins. He also told that he is not in a hurry. That is, there is a delay in playing the shehnai in the house.



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