Leaving the bride, the groom’s heart came to the friend standing next to her, garlanded her in front of everyone

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A video of bride and groom is going viral on social media, seeing which people are not stopping laughing. The groom Raja had left the house to get married with a wedding procession, but at the time of Ain Varmala, his mind changed and instead of the bride, his heart fell on the sister of the bride. The one who garlanded the bride, but at the same time he put the garland around the bride’s friend’s neck. Everyone kept watching. Both the bride and the bride’s friend are looking shocked in the video, but the groom Raja has no regrets for his actions and after doing so, he is also seen dancing.

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This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and people are not stopping laughing after watching the video. A user has written on this video, Very funny. Another user has written, everyone will go after eating bread, but the groom will go after eating shoes. Another user has written, ‘Saali Aadhi Gharwali Hoti Hai, this ritual will be fulfilled today.

As soon as the bridegroom puts on the garland, the woman standing nearby says what happened and starts looking at everyone’s faces, while the boys standing nearby look at the groom’s face with surprise for a while and then dance with him. seem The caption has been given along with sharing the video, 2 in one.

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