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Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey’s shocking revelation, used to beat her ex-husband mercilessly, used to drink alcohol throughout the night

Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut)’s reality show ‘Lock Up’ has been in the news as soon as it starts. Contestants are not only arguing inside the house, but are making new shocking revelations about the controversies related to themselves. Poonam Pandey ,Poonam Pandey) has also opened the secret about ex-husband Sam Bombay. He told that Sam had hit him so much that he had a brain hemorrhage. Poonam married Sam in 2020 and a few weeks later, she filed a case against her husband alleging domestic violence.

In the second episode of ‘Lockup’, Karanvir Bohra asks Poonam Pandey if she loved Sam Bombay when she was with him? On this Poonam tells that once she had hit a lot, due to which she had brain haemorrhage. She says, ‘Yes, used to and now I don’t even hate him. I just don’t like him. I dislike him.’ She further tells that Sam broke her heart.

was not even allowed to touch the phone

The actress further says, ‘Who likes to eat kill! I had a four-storey house, private garden, private terrace and all. I had a big house. If I was in a room, I would not have been allowed to be in it. He used to ask me why are you in that room. He forced her to stay with him in the room he wanted to live in. When I used to tell him that I want to spend some time with me. If I wanted to eat fresh air, I was allowed to do so. I was not allowed to touch my phone in my house.

Karanvir said this thing
When Karanvir asked how long she was facing all this, Poonam told that she was with him for 4 years. Then Karanvir said, ‘Poonam, not just for you, but for someone. The first time a man hits you, this is the time when he starts doing it over and over again.

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used to beat for loving dog
She goes on to say, ‘If I love my dog ​​and sleep with him, he will say that I love my dog ​​more than him. What kind of statement is this? Why should I kill if I love my dog? Is this the reason for brain haemorrhage? I have happened.’

brain injury due to beating
Poonam further says that this happened only once. He had brain injury. She says, ‘It didn’t go well, because he used to beat him again and again at this place. I used to laugh in front of people wearing makeup and gloss. To hide from everyone. I used to behave very cool in front of me. I was repeatedly hit at the same place.’

Payal Rohatgi asked question
At the time when these conversations were taking place, Payal Rohatgi was also present along with Karanvir. He asks why did Sam kill Poonam, but she says that she doesn’t want to talk about anyone. Then he started talking about his addiction to alcohol. He said, ‘If someone keeps on drinking from 10 in the morning till night, there will be no one to save around. The staff will get scared and they will leave.

Payal wanted to talk more about this, but Poonam said that she does not want to talk about it. Karanvir cheers Poonam for taking a stand for herself and ends the conversation with this. “It’s a good start,” he said.

Poonam Pandey ex-husband Sam Bombay


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