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Loyalty check of the family members in the nomination task, know the update of the 39th day of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 39 Written Update: In Bigg Boss season 16, the contestants are fighting the most over ration and food. Every day the issue of family members remains ration. On the 39th day too, there was a tussle between Shiva and Ghori over tomatoes. While taking his stand in Sumbul, Shaleen’s mercury reached the seventh sky. Let’s know what happened on the 39th day?

ration delivery task been interesting
The episode of November 8 begins with the ration delivery task. During this, Sajid and his group also keep betting. After this Nimrit becomes the delivery executive and delivers Sumbul’s ration and cancels Stan. On the other hand, Sajid delivers Shaleen’s ration and returns Ankit’s ration. At the same time, Archana delivers ration to Soundarya and returns Nimrit’s. After this, Bigg Boss calls Priyanka and sends a cake for Ankit’s birthday, on which all the family members become happy.

A fierce fight broke out between Sumbul and Shaleen
Shaleen gets angry with Sambul for delivering ration to Sajid instead of Tina. After this, Shaleen Bhanot also narrates a lot of good and bad to Sumbul Tauqeer Khan. On the other hand, Shaleen asks Sumbul what is the problem with Tina. Sumbul says I wish I had to give a reason, I gave it. Shaleen says I am becoming the reason for this. Shaleen says that how can you snatch someone’s ration for the whole week. She has been standing with you. Sumbul says that Sajid has also stood with me. After this Sumbul says who are you to fight me for them. shouting at me After this thing it will no longer be normal.

Question asked by Shaleen Bhanot in Long Sun and Short Sun
After this, the 39th day begins with the Big Boss anthem. Shiva, Archana and Gautam Soundarya joke while sitting in the garden area. Sajid and Abdu’s long sun and short sun show also starts. During this, Sajid Khan and Abdu Rojic ask Shalin Bhanot a question whether he would like to watch a film with Tina or have a ton of chicken. On this, select the decent chicken. Also, when asked who is more beautiful, he says that it is all a matter of heart, so he chooses Nimrit over Tina.

Mahabharat happened between Shiva and Ghori over tomato
Shiv Thackeray and Gori Nagori get into a fight over a tomato. Shiva says that he will take out Ghori’s swagger. On this, Ghori says that she should not be told all this. Later, while talking to Shiva Soundarya, she says that she gave all the ration for cooking, but when Ghori was asked for a tomato, she did not get up. She was asked to give food earlier also, but she did not stop. Ghori says that if she was called a thief then why would she give the goods. Shiv Thackeray later says, “I will take out its strut.” Gori also gives him an open challenge. Shiv says keep this attitude at home, while Gori says that I will do the same.

Abdu saved his favorite four members from being nominated
After this the nomination process starts. Whereas, under the captain’s privilege, Captain Abdu saves four of his favorite members Sajid, Shiv, Nimrit and Stan from this week’s nomination. Standing at the shop, taking flowers from them, the members have to give them to the contestants standing in the balcony, who get the least mistake, they get nominated. During this loyalty check is seen.

Gori and Sumbul got nominated
In the first round of the nomination task, Archana, Gori and Shaleen go to the balcony and explain their reasons for being on the show. After this, Archana and Shaleen get the most flowers and they get saved while Gori gets nominated. In the second round, Gautam Vig, Tina and Sumbul go to the balcony and tell each other the reasons for not staying in the house. After this Tina and Gautam get the most flowers and Sumbul gets nominated.

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