Makers showed a glimpse of the unicorn trophy of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, this contestant evicted in mid-week eviction?

The clock is ticking and the day for the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is getting closer. On February 12, it will be known who will be the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. But for the time being, the makers have shown a glimpse of the trophy of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. This season’s trophy is very special, in which a unicorn is made.

The glimpse of this Bigg Boss 16 trophy is seen in the latest promo released by the makers. And now the picture of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ trophy is all over the social media. From the first season of ‘Bigg Boss’ till the 15th season, the Big Boss’s eye was given prominence somewhere in the trophy, but in the trophy of the 16th season, instead of the Big Boss’s eye, a unicorn is now visible. It is designed with gold and silver color.

Mid-week eviction twist

On the other hand, February 6 is the biggest day of the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ because on this day the fans will come to the house and choose the top-5 contestants through live voting. The contestant who gets the least votes will be evicted from the house. That is, it is certain that mid-week eviction is going to happen in the show. Its glimpse has been shown by the makers in the promo.

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bigg boss 16 trophy

bigg boss 16 trophy

Fans did live voting at home

The promo of the upcoming episode on February 6 shows Shiv Thackeray, Archana Gautam, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, Shaleen Bhanot, MC Stan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia taking turns to perform in front of the fans. He appeals to the fans for himself. After this, all the fans do live voting in turn and choose the top-5 contestants. After this, Bigg Boss will announce who are the top-5 contestants based on the votes of the audience.

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Bigg Boss told who will be evicted

It is also shown in the promo that Bigg Boss calls all the remaining contestants in a room and names the member who has got the least number of votes from the audience. That means that member is becoming homeless. Now which member is evicted, it will be known only after the telecast of the episode, but it is reported that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has been evicted from the house. If this is true, then ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has got top-5 contestants. These are Shiv Thackeray, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, MC Stan, Archana Gautam and Shaleen Bhanot.

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