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Manya Singh was reprimanded for using ‘Miss India’ tag, now said this in defense

Manya Singh On Fight In Bigg Boss 16: Manya Singh, who was ‘Miss India Runner-up’, was also one of the 16 contestants of the controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. She made headlines for winning the Miss India title in the year 2020 and recently there were discussions about her battles in the Bigg Boss house. Manya Singh has fought with many co-contestants in the show and during this time she was also seen showing the awe of ‘Miss India’. People started feeling that arrogance has come in them. Now the actress has talked about this.

Manya Singh, who has been evicted from Bigg Boss, has told in a conversation with ‘Bollywood Life’ that, using the tag of ‘Miss India’, she was not fighting, but was protecting the title. The actress said, “There is a difference in this. People didn’t understand what I was trying to say. I am not arrogant. I don’t even have an ‘A’ of ego.”

Manya spoke on the fight in Bigg Boss house

Manya Singh also said that, she has been raised to take a stand for herself and whatever she said was in honor of the title of ‘Miss India’. Manya said, “I have been raised to take a stand for myself. like for like. If someone insults you, insult them.” tell that, Diwali Manya Singh was evicted in the special episode.

Manya was trolled a lot

Manya Singh has had a fight with many contestants in Bigg Boss. In every fight, Manya Singh has been seen showing awe of winning the title of ‘Miss India’. He even demeaned Sreejita Dey by calling him a ‘TV actress’. Because of this, Manya Singh was trolled a lot on social media. People had said that she has become arrogant after winning Miss India.

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