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Married neighbor became the reason for Vaishali Thakkar’s suicide, this diary raised the curtain from the secret

Actress Vaishali Thakkar, who became Dipika Kakkar’s daughter in ‘Susral Simar Ka’, is no more with us. He committed suicide in his house in Indore. The actress was only 29 years old. The news of his death shook everyone from inside. Police also recovered a suicide note from the spot. In which earlier it was told that her ex boyfriend used to harass her. Now the officials have told that the name of the neighbor is also included in this. Let us tell you what is written.

According to the police, Vaishali Takkar committed suicide at 12:30 pm. Police reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported. After registering the case, he sent the body for post-mortem and after that the last rites of the actress were performed. Now the police have told that the actress used to live in Sai Bagh Colony of Indore. This area comes under Tejaji Police Station.

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Vaishali Thakkar committed suicide because of neighbor
When the team reached there, they also found a suicide note, in which it was written that she was upset. His neighbor whose name is Rahul Navalani and businessman by profession used to harass him. Police say that he is an acquaintance of the family. Disturbed by that, Vaishil decided to commit suicide.

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Neighbor was harassing Vaishali Thakkar
ACP Moti ur Rehman told news agency ANI – Rahul was Vaishali’s neighbor. The suicide note is indicating that he used to harass Vaishali. That’s why he took such a big step. She was about to marry some other man and Rahul was troubling her about it. At present the police is investigating the matter.

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Police confiscated Vaishali Thakkar’s diary
Police have told that Rahul is married and he is absconding after locking the house. The team is currently trying to trace his whereabouts and then he will be interrogated. The ACP has also told that many things related to Vaishali have been confiscated. It also includes his diary, in which he has mentioned depression. Along with this, the names of some such people have also been written, who can be related to this case.

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Vaishali Thakkar’s family did not express suspicion
Police say that the family has not yet raised suspicion on anyone. However, his statements are yet to be recorded. Also, a case of abetment to suicide has not been registered yet. Right now she is checking all the facts. Only then will any action be taken.



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