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Massive fire in Russia’s forests, more than 9,000 firefighters engaged in extinguishing

Moscow : A picture of a fierce fire has come out from the forests of Russia. The team of fire fighters is engaged in extinguishing the fire. So far the fire has not been brought under control. The smoke of the forest fire has recently reached the capital Moscow as well. Russia’s emergency minister said on Thursday that more than 9,000 firefighters had been dispatched to prevent the spread of wildfires in the Ryazan region.

Emergency officials told TASS on Thursday, the Ryazan region which is a zone of wildfire. In the north-west the border with the Moscow region has grown to about 15,000 hectares.

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An emergency official said, “The area burned by forest fires in the Ryazan region has increased from 3,000 hectares to about 15,000 hectares in the past days and six forest fires are still active, but those wildfires There is no danger to the areas.”

The forest of the Ryazan region first caught fire on 7 August, a day after that the forest was engulfed in flames. On August 17, the burning smell and haze caused by the fire in the region were first reported in Moscow and some other areas of the Central Federal District. A state of emergency is in force in the Ryazan region. Emergency services believe that the main cause of the fire is tourists. The tourist would not have extinguished the bonfire after camping.

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