Mithun’s heroine Bhanupriya’s complete look has changed, it is difficult to recognize by looking at the photos

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Bhanupriya was seen in 1989 with the film Garibon Ka Daata Mithun. He worked with many stars in Bollywood in the 80s-90s and fans still remember him because of his brilliant presence on screen. Bhanupriya appeared in films in the 80s and 90s and was very much liked due to her looks and acting. After establishing himself in South, he turned to Bollywood and worked in many films. Born in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, Bhanupriya made her debut in the film industry at the age of 17. His first film was ‘Mella Pesungal’ which was released in 1983.

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Very few people know that Bhanupriya’s real name is Manga Bhama. She did not have any film background, when she was studying in school, one day Bhagyaraja Guru came there. He was looking for a new face for his film. A girl who is beautiful as well as perfect in dancing. He liked Bhanu, but felt she was too young for the role. In such a situation, he was not taken in the film.

Bhanu did not go to school after this because she had told her school friends that she was doing a film and she would be made fun of if she did not get the role. Then she started trying continuously for work in films. He got the photoshoot done again, Bharathiraja Guru cast him as soon as he saw his latest photo. After this, his films became hits one after the other.

Bhanupriya made her Bollywood debut in 1986 with the film ‘Dosti Dushmani’. ‘Insaaf Ki Pukar’ (1987), ‘Khudgarz’ (1987), ‘Mar Mitenge’ (1988), ‘Tamancha’ (1988), ‘Surya’ (An Awakening) (1989), ‘Dav Pench’ (1989), He did many films like ‘Gharibon Ka Daata’ (1989), ‘Kasam Vardi Ki’ (1989), ‘Zahreel’ (1990) and ‘Bhabhi’ (1991). He worked with many big stars of that era.

Talking about personal life, Bhanupriya liked NRI businessman Adarsh ​​Kaushal. Bhanu’s parents were against their marriage. In such a situation, she went to California in 1998 against the wishes of her family members and married them. They have a daughter Abhinaya. Later, after 7 years of marriage, she got divorced from her husband in 2005. She came to Chennai with her daughter.

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