Most of the sorrow is hidden behind smiling faces, Vaishali Thakkar’s friend revealed…

Vikas Sethi Talked About Vaishali Thakkar: In the TV actress Vaishali Thakkar Suicide Case, the statement of her close friend and co-star Vikas Sethi has now come to the fore. Vikas Sethi is a very popular actor in the TV industry, he has worked with Vaishali Thakkar in the show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. Apart from Vikas, his wife Jhanvi has also known Vaishali for about 10 years. After the death of the actress, the couple has put many shocking things in front of the world. He also told in talks how Vaishali had talked about handling the ex-boyfriend case alone. Also Vaishali was a happy girl who was currently busy planning her wedding.

Vikas Sethi is a very close friend of Vaishali

29-year-old Vaishali Thakkar was found dead in Indore. The actress had committed suicide by hanging. Police have recovered a suicide note in which the actress has accused her ex-boyfriend and neighbor Rahul Nalwani of mentally torturing her. At present, Vaishali’s fellow artist Vikas Sethi and his wife Jhanvi have made many big revelations in front of the media. In a conversation with E-Times, Vikas Sethi told that, “Vaishali was planning to come to Mumbai for her wedding shopping, she was going to get married in December with a software engineer from California. She was about to get married. Was very happy.”

Vaishasi Thakkar used to be very cool

Vikas Sethi’s wife Janhvi and Vaishali have known each other for almost a decade. Both lived together in Mumbai for many years. Jhanvi says, “We were like sisters and used to share everything with each other, it was because of Vaishali that my and Vikas’s love story started and she was always present in our marriage too.” Vikas told that, “Vaishali celebrated her birthday before going to Indore, “She has been a part of our every big and small party function, she was a happy and fun-loving girl.”

Revealed about ex boyfriend

When Vikas Sethi and Jhanvi were asked that Vaishali has leveled allegations against ex boyfriend in her suicide note.. Talking about this, Jhanvi says, ‘I think she was upset because of her ex, she told me this Spoke to me about it, and I told him that we will settle the matter and sort it out. However, she told me not to worry and said that she would handle it alone.”

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