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Mrinal Deshraj is 10 years older than her husband, that’s why the in-laws were against marriage, told how it was later

‘Ishqbaaaz’ fame Mrinal Deshraj married healthcare professional Ashim Mathan on July 5. After this, a grand reception was also given on 10 July. Because not many people came to the wedding. Due to being a private ceremony, only very special people became a part of it. Well, now after taking seven rounds, Mrinal is very happy. She is enjoying with her life partner. Now in an interview, he has broken his silence on this quick matchmaking and marriage. Told that due to the age gap between him and Ashim, what were the problems in marriage and how was the response of the family.

In an interview given to ‘ETimes’, Mrinal Deshraj has told that after marriage she is feeling complete. ‘Everything went well and I feel complete in life now. Yes, it was all a bit of a rush. Because we had to attend a lot of lunches and dinners with our friends and family. I didn’t go out that much before. Sometimes once or twice, but now after marriage we go out quite often. I have gained weight too.

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Mrinal Deshraj further told that all this happened all of a sudden. He narrated his love story. Told, ‘We met and on our very first date I told him that I want to marry you and he agreed. We started dating each other again. And within about 4 months we got married and in the fifth month we had our reception. And soon my family is going to have another reception. Everything happened very quickly due to which we could not even tell anyone about it. Even your closest friends. I still can’t believe that I got married so soon. I was waiting for the right person and suddenly I got married. We had two receptions in five months, it’s just like a dream.

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Mrunal Deshraj changed life after marriage
Mrinal further told that after marriage there has been a lot of change in his lifestyle. She is sleeping late now and getting up early. Because now they have to take care of their house. They have to give time to the family. He also made revelations about the family’s reaction to the wedding. Told that earlier her family could not believe that she was going to get married. But later he clearly said that if you love then get married.

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In-laws were not ready for this marriage
At the same time, due to being 10 years older, Mrinal’s in-laws were not ready for this marriage earlier. The actress told that she is 10 years older than her husband. So his in-laws were not happy with this match. But later when he realized that these two are in love and are right for each other, then he agreed to this relationship. Mrinal says she is working. But not for money but for his passion. And in this her husband is also supporting her a lot.




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