Mukesh Khanna needs Hindu director for ‘Shaktimaan’! Said – does not care about religion in front of talent

Everyone was in a tizzy when Sony Pictures India announced that they would be bringing desi superhero Shaktimaan to the big screen. As soon as the announcement was made, netizens went crazy with joy and social media platforms were flooded with their reactions. Since then a fan group of Shaktimaan is eagerly waiting for the film to go into production and hit the silver screen. Meanwhile, Shaktimaan’s actor Mukesh Khanna has said a lot about this.

What about religion and director?
Recent reports said that the team is in talks with Minnal Murali fame Basil Joseph to come on board as the director of ‘Shaktimaan’. But no announcement has been made regarding this. By the way, Mukesh Khanna has said a big thing on its direction. He wrote on Insta, ‘It is a bit early for me to talk which director Shaktimaan will direct the film, but it is disturbing that some things are being spread about a director’s religion and his non-Hindu. ‘

I don’t care about religion – Mukesh Khanna
He further wrote, ‘There has been a certain tweet that I am not happy with the choice of a non Hindu director, let me be clear that I have never said any such thing, so I do not know where this is coming from, It really has no basis. I have the highest respect for a talented artist irrespective of religion.’

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‘Shaktimaan’ is the idea of ​​India
Mukesh also wrote in the end, ‘Such talk is really wrong and completely unnecessary. I request the fans of Shaktimaan not to pay attention to any information which does not come from my production or officially we have not signed any such thing. The idea of ​​Shaktimaan Bharat is bigger than anyone’s small lie.

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