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Mukesh Khanna taunts Lal Singh Chaddha’s collection – 5 years ago everything was fine, suddenly Hindus woke up

Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan returns to the box office with Laal Singh Chaddha after a long gap of 4 years. This time he was in a lot of discussion due to the boycott and controversy of his film. Now the condition is that ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ is on the verge of flopping. ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, made at a cost of more than 180 crores, is also seen yearning to earn 50 crores at the box office. After all, what is the real reason behind the flop of ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’? Why this kind of controversy happened about Aamir Khan? Like all the questions Shaktimaan fame Mukesh Khanna has reacted.

In a recent interview, Mukesh Khanna was asked about ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ and Aamir Khan. He was asked whether the reason for the flop of ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ is its content or the statements given by Aamir Khan in the past or something else? To this, Mukesh Khanna said that it is not that there has been a controversy for the first time regarding a film. In the past too, there was a protest about films like Padmavat, Laxmi and Tandav. But this time is for the first time that the demand for boycotting the film has increased due to some old statement.

taunt without naming anyone
Without naming anyone, Mukesh Khanna said that so-called directors, producers and overconfident people had made a simple format to target a particular religion. Then there will be a storm and his film will go on. But this is not right. You cannot target any one religion like this.

Now how suddenly Hindus woke up !!

Mukesh Khanna also targeted the trollers. He said that, it seems that when you wake up, it is morning. After Aamir Khan’s intolerance statement, his films like Dangal were also released. But that movie did well. I wonder how suddenly the Hindu people have woken up now.

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Said this too

Regarding ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, Mukesh Khanna does not know whether this film has worked or not. But he wants the film to run. A producer takes a lot of money and time. If the film gets beaten then they will not like it at all.




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