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Naagin 6: Sheshnagin reaches Nagmahal, in any case, will end the Asura Yeti and worship Mahanagpanchami

The latest episode of Naagin 6 begins with the fire brigade taking out the dead body. Everyone wonders who it could be. Pratha thinks that this is Rishabh’s last meeting with him and he is dead so that he can take revenge on others. A man sends Rajesh to complete the wedding rituals. The custom enters its home. The police takes the body from the other side of the pavilion. Pratha looks at that dead body in pain. Police asks whose purse is it. Mehek recognizes that it is Rishabh’s wallet.

Every dream of custom is broken
Naagin 6: Everyone cries. Pratha wants to see him but Divya stops him saying that the newly married people cannot see all this. Pratha sees the police carrying a dead body and she recalls her past moments with Rishabh. Vijay tells Mehak that they will hand over the body to him after the postmortem. All the guests bless Pratha and Rajesh. The practice cannot stay there and goes away. Divya manages the guest.

Urvashi’s pretense is over
Urvashi closes the door and tells Mehak that it is good Rishabh is dead. Mehek asks why is it good. Urvashi tells that he did not love you and is glad that he went to meet his love as Rishabh never loved you. Even though he is alive and we conspired with him and he died without knowing that custom had not deceived him.

Naagin 6: Takshak Nag’s entry will be in the show, custom will ask for his Rishabh’s life back in boon
face reality
She says you got what you want. So prepare yourself to cry and give me what I wanted. Urvashi asks why she looks sad. Mehek says she is fine and leaves. Pratha learns about Rishabh’s innocence and starts shedding tears. She collapses in her room and cries for Rishabh. He then encounters the demon Yeti, who has been sent there by Urvashi and Mehak.

Sheshnagin will kill Yeti
After all this, Sheshnagin had to face Asura Yeti. Sheshnagin goes to the palace, where he finds many serpents and serpents. They all ask him to save their life. Then Sheshnagin takes a vow that this Mahanaagpanchami she will end the Yeti and no one can stop her from worshiping.


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