Naagin 6 Spoiler: Will Rohit-Pratha’s marriage happen? Naagrani’s entry and new twist will come in the show

So far in ‘Naagin 6’, the audience has seen that Shesh Naagin (Mehk Chahal) has killed the Asura first. The professor and the remaining serpent mistook Rishabh Gujral (simba nagpal) as another demon, but later it becomes clear that not Rishabh but his father is another asura who has betrayed the country for a few money. Rishabh’s mother Seema knows about this truth.

In the episode of Naagin 6, February 27, the audience will get to see the entry of Naagrani. Tejasswi Prakash adorned in red pairs is the only Nagrani. She is coming to annihilate the enemies of the country in the next episode. However, it is not yet clear how the practice becomes Naagrani and how will it save the country?

Will you marry Rohit?

Rishabh’s younger brother Rohit has fallen in love with Pratha and breaks off his marriage with Riya. Rohit has clearly told the Gujral family that if he marries, then only by custom or else he will leave the house. Hearing this, Rishabh’s mother Seema has started a new trick. He has broken the marriage of Riya and Rohit and agrees to Rohit.

Pratha’s father enters Gujral family
Seema announces that she will get Rohit and Pratha married. At the same time, Pratha has made it clear to Rohit that she does not love him. Now the custom is confused as to what to do. Rohit has also brought Pratha’s father into the Gujral family. Pratha was unable to pay the rent of the house and because of this the landlord had thrown her father out of the house.

Will Rishabh get married?
Rishabh has returned home after saving his life. Rishabh has clearly told mother Seema that he is ready to marry the daughter of the minister. So far it has been decided that Rohit-Riya and Rishabh will get married to the minister’s daughter. Now in the new episode it will be seen that after all how and with whom do the sons of Gujral family get married?

Naagin 6, February 26 Written Update: Not Rishabh, this is another Asur, Rohit-Riya’s broken marriageNaagin 6 Upcoming Episode spoilers: Naagrani will enter, will Rishabh Gujral’s life be saved?
At the same time, due to the epidemic, there is a lockdown across the country. Shesh is constantly searching for another Asura for the serpent. The rest of the serpent is yet to come to know about the other Asura.


Naagini’s entry in Naagin 6 soon, a new twist in the life of Pratha


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