Naagin 6 Update: Pratha found Rishabh’s real mother, will Sheshnagin be able to save her husband’s life?

Today’s episode of Naagin 6 begins with Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash). She asks Seema how she can try to kill her son. Seema says she doesn’t need it and can tell it to Rishabh (Simba Nagpal) but he won’t trust her and if she kills him, she doesn’t know about other Asuras (Naagin 6 Next Asur) Will work. Pratha tells her that she will not kill him as their pair has a long journey.

Pratha will save Rishabh’s life!
Pratha asks Rishabh to take rest. She goes outside and sees Seema who is mixing something in Rishabh’s halwa. She gives it to Rishabh and when he is about to eat it, Pratha stops him saying that it contains poison. Seema asks if she doubts him. Rishabh tells Pratha that his mother cannot harm him. Seema tells Pratha that even after feeding poison to Rishabh, she cannot do anything to him. She challenges him saying do what you want to do.

What will happen next in Naagin 6?
Mehak questions Pratha as to who gave her diary. She tells him that she got it from Angel. Pratha tells Mehak that she doesn’t know how Seema was living for so many years and is still alive. Mehak sees someone in the diary and tells Pratha that she has seen him somewhere. Here, Lalit asks Seema if she tries to kill Rishabh. Seema slaps him and asks him not to do all this drama in front of him.

Naagin 6: The custom has known the truth of the great demon, who will save Sheshnagin, her husband or the country?
The next step of fragrance and custom
Mehek and Pratha decide to find out about Seema’s motive. She says that they have to stop Seema from going to the temple. Seema tells Lalit that she is going to kill Rishabh and then will go to the temple to fulfill her goal. Next day, Pratha says sorry to Seema. Pratha tells Seema that she too will accompany him to the temple. Pratha tells Mehak everything. After some time, Pratha finds a way to enter the temple. Seema asks her men to kill Rishabh while Pratha finds Rishabh’s real mother.


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