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Nana Patekar’s son Malhar Patekar is extremely talented like his father, fans say after seeing the photos – this is a carbon copy

Nana Patekar’s son Malhar Patekar is very talented like his father

New Delhi :

Nana Patekar is not only a great actor but also a writer and filmmaker. People are convinced of his acting. He has been awarded the National Film Award and Filmfare Award many times. He has also received the Padma Shri award. He is very famous in the industry for his style of speaking his dialogues. This is the reason that his fans are people of every age group. Nana was married to actress and bank officer Neelakanti Patekar and both have a son named Malhar Patekar.


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Nana Patekar’s son Malhar looks exactly like Nana. He likes simplicity very much like Nana. Malhar has studied at Saraswati Mandir High School in Mumbai. He has graduated in commerce. Malhar was fond of working in films since childhood and was about to work in Prakash Jha’s film, but then Nana and Prakash Jha had a fight and Nana refused Malhar to work in Prakash Jha’s film.

Later, Malhar worked as an assistant director in Ram Gopal Varma’s film The Attack of 26\11. He now has his own production house, which he has started in the name of his father Nana Patekar. The name of his production house is Nana Saheb Production House.


Please tell that Nana Patekar and his wife Nilakanti Patekar have not divorced each other, but both have been living separately for a long time. Malhar is more close to his mother. Malhar also had an elder brother, who died after some time. Nana was very shocked by the death of his son and he remained distraught for a long time. However, after the birth of Malhar, Nana got his happiness back.

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