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Neet Mahal said this on the pre-planned pairing of Mika Singh-Akanksha Puri

Neet Mahal On Mika Singh-Akanksha Puri: Actress-model Neet Mahal was one of the top contestants in Bollywood veteran singer Mika Singh’s Swayamvar ‘Mika Di Vohti’. Seeing his strong personality, it seemed that Neet Mahal would become the winner of the show and Mika Singh’s vote, but in the finale, Mika Singh had chosen his best friend Akanksha Puri, after which there was a lot of ruckus. . People had already told the plan to Mika Singh’s Swayamvar. Now the reaction of Neet Mahal has come to the fore.

Neet Mahal was the finalist of ‘Mika Di Voti’. Neet is one of the top actresses of the Punjab film industry. She often comes in limelight due to her glamorous pictures on social media. Looking at the popularity of the actress, it seemed that she would make a place in the heart of Mika Singh and she had made it, but in the end someone else got the victory. Recently, Neet Mahal has spoken about Mika and Akanksha.

Neet Mahal spoke of Akanksha Puri’s Swayamvar Winner controversy

In a latest interview to ‘ETimes’, Neet Mahal has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding Akanksha Puri winning Mika Singh’s Swayamvar show ‘Mika Di Voti’ and said, “It was planned in advance, its I don’t have any proof. These are all rumours. However, when Akanksha entered the show, I did not think that she had come to get married. It was very confusing at that time. When she came, she said that she is very close to Mika ji as a friend and they will always stand by each other.

When Neet Mahal got suspicious about Akanksha Puri

Neet Mahal added, “We all thought that she came with the motive to help Mikaji choose her partner as Mikaji was often confused about girls. When Akanksha reached the top 4, things started to feel strange to me and at that time I started thinking, was this his plan, will he get married? When Mika also met his family, I thought it was something else. I was suspicious.”

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