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Opinion: Makers patting their backs with ‘Faltu’ serial, you are really a ‘Faltu Soch’!

To say that we are in the 21st century. To say that man has now reached the moon too. To say that Prime Minister Modi has also launched 5G. We have come a long way to say but are left behind only in terms of thinking. To say that films are the mirror of the society, but through them we promote orthodox thinking in the same society. I am saying these things because yesterday while scrolling social media I saw a video. That was Star Plus’ serial ‘Faltu’, which is going to be telecast soon. In this, by naming a girl Faltu, the makers have shown the level of their thinking along with the thinking of the society.

I watched the full video of Faltu serial. A girl is born. A meeting is held in the house. There a man says – she swallowed her twin brother as soon as she was born. Then a woman sitting there speaks – first Lajwanti, then Anthima and now this third pheasant. Now this is just nonsense. Hearing this, the daughter’s father says that who keeps such a name, then the mother says – keep its name only. Looking at the daughter, she says – You are Faltu Hai Faltu. After this, the school of that girl is shown where everyone laughs when she speaks Faltu Singh. After this, the rest of the people also tease him by talking nonsense. ridicule him. His mother also curses him all the time. After this comes the background voice – Faltu To Hai Anmol, will anyone understand its value.

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In which century did the ‘Faltu’ makers live?
Hey brother, if he had to explain his value, then he would have brought the concept of the show’s style. Name the method. There is also a good way to say every wrong thing. Today, if the newspaper is full of bad news, then good news also brings a smile on the faces of the people. Today, daughters of Rishta and Chaiwala are becoming officers. Auto Rickshaw’s daughter is becoming Miss India. I do not understand in which century the directors of this show are living. And you will see. Even if they are coming with this theme. In the end it will find a rich boy. There will be marriage. Then it will remain as a mother-in-law drama. His existence will probably be lost somewhere in the boy.

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Channel divided by making ‘Faltu’
Will you show anything so TRP comes? In this few seconds video, the girl was described as wretched, burdened, helpless. It was told that having a girl loses the respect of the father. Why is such a serial never made on boys? Why not show about the men who are spoiled children of rich fathers and molest girls on the streets. Rape them. Oh, that saas-bahu drama will not be able to be made. So how can he show it? In the show, the girl is shown becoming a fly. is made a vampire. Ghosts and witches are all created. But at the time of boys, their lights go off.

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‘Faltu’ did not show the mirror of the society, the thinking of the channel
Channels may be trying to tell from this show that this happens in any corner of the country. Let’s accept it but why call the girl a waste. You can twist this story further. Where you showed that someone’s life was lost due to his arrival. So you can also show that the fate of the house changed with his arrival. But no. We will sell pain. Will not spread happiness.

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Till when will the pain of girls be sold in daily soap?
Even today, in TV serials, girls are shown as poor, helpless and helpless. Even if someone by chance shows them to be flamboyant, they will be shown crying at some point or the other. Whether you want to see Anupama or Tamarind. Both the characters are strong but very emotional from inside. Apart from this, there are many such shows like ‘Meet’, ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’, ‘Balika Vadhu’, ‘Rishton Ka Chakravyuh’ and many others, which were brought with different concepts and all have problems with girls. Stayed connected. Nobody can speak. Nobody can walk. Some are a burden on the father and some are sins. Well, we are not happy with such a concept, are you?

Note: These views are the author’s own.



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