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People threatened Bigg Boss for making Archana Gautam homeless, said – will not watch the show now

The news of Bigg Boss 16’s biggest gimmick and drama queen Archana Gautam being evicted from the show has created a ruckus in the entertainment world. According to reports, late at night, Bigg Boss decided to throw Archana Gautam out of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ due to Shiv Thackeray’s hand in the task. Soon after these news surfaced, the discussion on social media intensified. All the fans of Archana Gautam came in her support and started cursing Shiv Thackeray. At the same time, some raised questions on the makers that their show was running on the basis of Archana. At the same time, there are some users who welcomed the decision of Bigg Boss. Let us show what is going on on Twitter about Archana Gautam.

Fans were furious over the violence and supported Shiv Thackeray

People remembered Ankit Gupta as soon as Archana Gautam became homeless
In the nomination process held last week, Archana nominated Ankit and Sumbul. At this time, Archana had said that Ankit does not do anything and he is going to regret a lot after leaving the house. On this Ankit interrupted him and said that you should start following this thing because you are doing too much and after leaving home this thing is going to sting you very much.

Fans’ tweet in support of Shiv Thackeray

Users started giving advice to Bigg Boss, send Archana Gautam to the reserve room

People threatened as soon as Archana Gautam became homeless, now I will not see Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16 will drown if Archana is not brought back

People claim, Archana will not be out of the house

Demand raised to bring back Archana Gautam

People accused Shiv Thackeray, fans came out in support of Archana

Told Archana Gautam the life of Bigg Boss 16



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