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Photos: Actor Dipesh Bhan, who merged with Panchatattva, left the wife and child crying, TV’s ‘Malkhan’

Malkhan Singh aka Dipesh Bhan of ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ has merged with the five elements. The news of sudden death stunned everyone. Dipesh Bhan, who made everyone laugh, left everyone crying. His last rites were performed at Navsha Rupa Babar Mukti Dham on Mira Road, Mumbai at 7 pm on Saturday. Shocking pictures have surfaced from the actor’s funeral. Everyone had a final farewell to the actor with moist eyes. Many industry stars including TV actors Aamir Ali and Vibhuti Tiwari aka Asif Sheikh attended Dipesh Bhan’s last visit. Let us tell you that on Saturday, he had come to play cricket before going to the shooting and here he fell. It was then said that his nose started bleeding and then when he was taken to the hospital, he was declared brought dead.

Wife’s weeping bad condition

Dipesh Bhan’s funeral

At the funeral of Dipesh Bhan, his wife was in a bad condition. Dipesh forever merged with the Panchtatva, leaving Salbhar’s son. If someone had bid farewell to ‘Malkhan Singh’ with sad eyes, some were unable to handle themselves.

The eyes of the son looking for the father

Deepesh Bhan Death

The eyes of the son looking for the father

Dipesh, who has been playing the character of Malkhan Khan in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ since 2015, was in perfect health on Saturday morning. Who knew it was his last day. As usual, he was spending his day with family, friends and shooting. But then suddenly something happened that everything ended.

Wife lost Sudh-Mercury


Lost Mercury

Rohitash Gaur, playing the role of ‘Tiwari ji’, told about Dipesh’s last moments that the shooting schedule on July 23 was a bit late and that’s why he went to play cricket in the morning. He was very fond of fitness and kept himself completely fit.

TV actor Aamir Ali also paid his last visit

Deepesh Bhan Death

Aamir Ali also arrived

Dipesh went to the gym in the morning and then went to play cricket. While playing here, he suddenly fell down. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

crying family

Deepesh Bhan Death

broken family

Everyone went numb after hearing the news of Deepesh Bhan’s death. Some were shocked and some were shocked.

Dipesh’s co-star Vibhuti Tiwari aka Asif Sheikh


Vibhuti Tiwari alias Asif Sheikh

Talking on the actor’s death, his co-star Shubhangi told that she also lives in Deepesh’s bleeding and it was earlier said that she died due to heart failure but then came the information that brain He left this world because of the hemorrhage.

Divya Drishti actor Adhvik Mahajan

deepesh bhan

Adhvik Mahajan

Dipesh Bhan did his graduation from Delhi and then went to NSD. After completing the acting course, he came to Mumbai in the year 2005 and then started his career.


Family, friends and stars arrived to pay their last respects

Dipesh Bhan got married in the year 2019. In January last year, he became the son of his son. The actor lost his mother last November.


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