Police arrested Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil, the actress had filed an FIR alleging assault

After Rakhi Sawant’s complaint, the actress’s husband Adil has been arrested. Rakhi had gone to meet Adil at his house and then the police also reached there and arrested Adil. Rakhi had recently accused Adil of assault. In this regard, Rakhi had also filed a complaint on February 5 at the Oshiwara police station. Adil has been arrested by the police from his house itself.

Rakhi Sawant had made many serious allegations against husband Adil. He claimed that Adil had a criminal record and had also spent two days in jail. Not only this, Rakhi Sawant had told crying in front of the media that Adil kicked her in the stomach and her urine came out. Rakhi also said that Adil is having an affair with someone else. He is in a relationship with a girl named Tanu.

Rakhi Sawant said after Adil’s arrest that she had filed a police complaint against her husband in the case of cheating. After this Adil has been arrested. Many people say that Rakhi Sawant is doing drama. This is His drama. Rakhi burst into tears on this and told our colleague ETimes, ‘This is not just a media drama or drama. He has ruined my life. He has beaten me and looted my money. Even after keeping the Quran in his hands, he has cheated with me. I request the media to help bring out the truth.

Rakhi Sawant had also told Adil and his girlfriend Tanu a threat to his life. Rakhi Sawant had revealed about Adil’s extra-marital affair in front of the media a few days ago. Rakhi had said that Adil is cheating on her and if he still does not improve, she will expose him in front of everyone. Rakhi also blamed Adil for her mother’s death. Rakhi claimed that if her mother had received treatment at the right time, she would have been alive. But Adil did not support. When his mother was in the hospital, Adil was with his girlfriend.

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