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Police reprimanded for Rahul Navlani in Vaishali Thakkar case, got 4-day remand

In the suicide case of TV actress Vaishali Thakkar, absconding accused Rahul Navlani is now in the custody of the police. Vaishali, before giving up her life, opened up all the raw letter about married Rahul, saying that he was harassing her for about two and a half years and also broke their marriage. After Vaishali’s suicide, Rahul was absconding with his family and on October 19, he was caught by the police. At present, Rahul is on police remand for 4 days.

Vaishali had exposed Rahul’s pole in the suicide note
Vaishali in her suicide note accused Rahul and his wife Disha. He had written that Rahul was harassing him for two and a half years. Vaishali had written that Rahul had a hand in breaking their marriage too, because he had said that he would not allow them to get married. Vaishali had said in her suicide note that taking advantage of friendship, Rahul had clicked some pictures of her and by sending those pictures to her fiancée, her marriage was broken. Well, Rahul is now in the clutches of the police, Indore police presented him before the court.

Rahul Navlani: Know where Rahul was hiding behind Vaishali Thakkar’s death
Police got reprimand

It is reported that the police was planning to present Rahul before the online court, on which he got a reprimand from the court. After this he was produced in the court within 10 minutes. Now the police demanded 10 days remand to present evidence against Rahul. However, the court has allowed only 4 days remand for this.

Vaishali Takkar: Nishant Malkani said – I knew Rahul is harassing Vaishali, now I will tell everything to the police
Vaishali was about to get married

Let us tell you that Vaishali’s marriage with a US based software engineer was fixed and both of them were also engaged. On one occasion the boys refused to come. Vaishali revealed the reason for this in her suicide note and told that earlier also she had broken a relationship because of Rahul and this time also she tried the same.



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