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Priyanka Chahar told Abdu Rojic Rude, the singer was upset with this thing!

Bigg Boss 16 Promo: All the contestants who came in the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ are being liked. However, the contestant who has dominated the hearts of the whole country these days is the foreigner Abdu Rozik. From common man to celebs, everyone is liking Abdu Rojic. Abdu is ruling the hearts of everyone in the house too, but in the coming episodes he will be seen having fun with all the contestants. During this, his sour-sweet tussle with Priyanka will also be seen. Its promo video has been shared by Colors channel on Instagram account.

Abdu became in-charge of the phone booth

In the new promo, it can be seen that there is a phone booth in the house of Bigg Boss, which was made in charge of 19-year-old Abdu Rojic. Abdu is teasing people sitting on the chair in front of the phone booth. He tells all the contestants that whoever gives him 500 rupees, he will be able to talk to his family. Then Nimrit uses the phone booth and talks to Abdu’s manager and says that Abdu has gone mad. Come take him. In jest, Abdu locks Nimrit in the booth itself.

Abdu rejects Priyanka

After this Priyanka Chahar comes and asks her to use the phone booth by paying Rs 5. Priyanka says that she will also give an egg of Rs 4 and a benefit of one rupee. At first, Abdu accepts their deal, but as soon as Priyanka gets closer. He refuses. Then Priyanka calls Abdu ‘rood’. She says that now she will not come to Abdu and will use someone else’s booth to talk to her family. This episode will go on air on October 27, 2022 on Colors at 10 pm.

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