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Priyanka Chaudhary trolled after being eliminated from Bigg Boss 16, told Ankit Gupta such a thing

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary Trolled: In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode shown last night in Bigg Boss Season 16, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary was eliminated. The host of the show Salman Khan said that Priyanka is harming the game of her close friend and co-star Ankit Gupta. In such a situation, this week in the Bigg Boss house, the ‘Udariyaan’ fame couple had to be separated and both wept bitterly while separating, but instead of getting the support of the fans, Priyanka has to be trolled on social media.

priyanka said sacrificing thing

When Priyanka Chaudhary was eliminated this week, she broke down badly, and started crying. After telling the truth about Salman, users on social media are also trolling the actress fiercely. Most of the people have only one question from Priyanka that she gave ‘Kurbani’ for Ankita Gupta?

User anger erupted

In fact, while leaving the show, Priyanka started crying emotionally and hugged Ankit Gupta and said, “When it comes to Ankit Gupta, she cannot be selfish, making sacrifices has always been one of her habits.” Priyanka’s comment about this sacrifice has sparked a huge debate on social media and fans are trolling her fiercely for this.

More users on Twitter have objected to this matter of Priyanka. At the same time, some users said that, leaving her game, Priyanka was focusing more on becoming a support system for Ankit Gupta, she was protective for him.

Ankita Gupta got the support of fans

Let us tell you that when Priyanka is eliminated, she starts crying and Ankit Gupta takes her in his lap to handle the actress and explains with love. Going to the bedroom, Ankit fondly calls Priyanka as ‘son’ whose video is becoming very viral on social media. Fans liked this moment filled with love between the two. During this, Ankit Gupta asks Priyanka to stop worrying about him and play his game. The reaction of the fans on this is also amazing, the users liked the bonding between Priyanka and Ankit in this episode and the romantic person inside Ankit Gupta was also seen. Some users also praised Ankit’s personality and intoxicating eyes.

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