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Rahul Navlani tortured me for 2 years, exploited me… – Vaishali Thakkar’s suicide note surfaced

Everyone is shocked to hear the news of the death of TV actress Vaishali Takkar. One cannot believe the fact that the always laughing and bubbly actress is no more with us. That lively person has committed suicide. However, he has taken this step because of some people and has also mentioned it in his suicide note. Very shocking things have been told in the suicide note of the actress. Along with this, a message has also been left for the parents.

Vaishali Takkar committed suicide by hanging himself in his house in Indore at 12:30 pm on October 16. However, before this he had written a note, which was confiscated by the police. Along with this, his diary has also been taken into custody. Her fans were curious to know what the actress had written in the suicide note. So tell that now his information has come to the fore. In this, he has accused Rahul Navlani and his wife Disha Navlani of mentally torturing her.

Vaishali Takkar Diary: Married neighbor became the reason behind Vaishali Thakkar’s suicide, this diary revealed the secret
What did Vaishali Thakkar write in the suicide note?
Vaishali has written in the suicide note – mother, father. Just don’t be now… be very upset for you guys too for me and me for myself too. Only I know what war I have fought in 2 years. I can’t even tell what wrong Rahul Navlani has done to me. How have I been exploited emotionally, physically abused. And lastly what he said that I will not let your marriage happen. He did that.

Vaishali Thakkar suicide note

Vaishali Takkar: Vaishali Thakkar was to be married in December, called friends a day before suicide
Vaishali told how Rahul harassed her
Vaishali further wrote – If the daughter is no more, then there will be no problems related to it. I Quit Mother. Love you papa mama I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good daughter. Please get Rahul and his family punished. Mentally Rahul and Disha tortured me for 2.5 years. Otherwise my soul will not find peace. You have my oath. Be happy. I love you very much Sorry to Mitesh too. I Quit. Vaishali hit.

vaishali takkar suicide note photo

Vaishali Takkar Bio: Vaishali Thakkar got engaged a year ago, the relationship was broken a few months ago, know everything
Vaishali Thakkar was to get married in December
According to the report of ‘Dainik Bhaskar’, Vaishali Thakkar has also accused Rahul Navlani that he had sent her fiance Mitesh by clicking the photos fraudulently. Please tell that Mitesh lives in California. He is a software engineer. Earlier, the actress was to be married to Kenya’s dental surgeon Dr. Abhinandan. But later it was canceled due to the second wave of Corona epidemic. They met at the matrimonial site.



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