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Raja Sajid’s power could not change the non-favorite subjects, know the update of the 48th day of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 48 Written Update: Day 48 begins with the Bigg Boss anthem and Sumbul, Shaleen and Shiv are seen dancing. After this, Sajid gets angry for not doing Archana’s work. Sajid sends his Vizier Shiv, Nimrit to Archana. Both of them tell Archana that you have 20 minutes, if you do not work then you will be punished. On the other hand, Archana says that don’t make me understand, I will do it when I have to. Sajid says that now is the time for action and pick up his belongings and throw them out.

Sajid threw Archana’s belongings in the balcony
After this Shiv, Nimrit and Stan come and Nimrit takes Archana’s belongings outside. On the other hand, Shiv, Stan, Shaleen and Gautam together pull Archana lying on the bed down to the ground along with the bed. On the other hand, Sajid gets Archana’s suitcase opened and throws all her clothes in the balcony area. On the other hand, Nimrit says that it will not make any difference. At the same time, Sajid says that his father’s rule continues.

Non favorite gets the task to change the power of Sajid
After this, Bigg Boss asks the contestants who are the people who are unhappy with the power of Raja Sajid and want a reshuffle. Except all the contestants, only Archana raises her hand. Bigg Boss then asks who are those among you who want to become captain by snatching Sajid’s captaincy. After this Ankit Priyanka and Tina raise their hands. After this, Bigg Boss says that there will be a task between Raja’s favorite and non-favourite. The one who wins will get power in his hands. Bigg Boss will order the non-favourite to complete the given task and if Raja’s favorite suspects any of the non-favourite, he can put them in jail.

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Tina turned piercing
Favorites and non-favourites do planning and plotting, after that Tina comes and tells Sajid that Priyanka is using more brains, put her in jail. Sajid then puts Priyanka in jail. After this the task starts. Non-favorite members reach the activity area and the faces of the favorite members are displayed there. Bigg Boss says that Nimrit has to be killed first. On this, Tina and Soundarya come running and Bigg Boss scolds them for this. Tina then reads out the first task given to her where she has to force Nimrit to change clothes twice. However, Tina warns Nimrit in advance that no matter what happens, she should not change her clothes. After this, Sajid puts Soundarya in jail and the non-favourite is unable to complete his task.

Non favorite got defeated in the task
The next favorite to be killed is MC Stan. Tina again warns the MC for the task and he does not rap. After this the favorites win again. The next member is Shiva who has to kill the non favourite. For this, they have to remove Shiva’s mike and make an announcement to wear it twice. Sumbul informs Sajid in advance and Shiva is saved. With this, the non-favorite again loses the task. After this, Bigg Boss announces that Raja Sajid’s rule will continue in the house.

During this, Gautam gets into an argument with Priyanka. Gautam tries to explain that it was a very easy task and Priyanka only had to spray water. When Gautam is blaming Priyanka, Priyanka loses her temper and starts shouting.

Archana cries when her clothes are thrown
After this Archana starts crying. She says why did you throw my clothes out like this. She even says that they are designer clothes and PR package and if it remains so then no one will give them clothes. Soundarya tries to calm him down and gives him something to eat. Archana says that feet are being put on my clothes, then Gautam says that if they are irritated then they will do something like this.

Fierce fight between Stan and Shaleen
After this Tina sprains her leg and Shaleen and MC Stan come to Tina for help. When Shaleen is checking Tina’s leg, Tina screams in pain, on which Stan says that Shaleen should not do this. After this, Stan leaves angrily abusing something. Shaleen says why is abusing me. Stan says she is my friend. Stan tells Tina that he is your husband. After this there is a lot of debate between the two. After this Stan repeatedly says is she his wife? After this there is a lot of abusing between the two. Sajid tries to pacify both of them. After this, Shaleen tells Stan that his parents do not have the status and then there is a scuffle between the two. Shiva also comes in between and tells Shaleen a lot. During this, Sumbul drags Shaleen and brings her inside.

Bad things happen between Tina, Shaleen and Sumbul
After this Tina starts crying. At the same time, Tina tells Stan that your and my equation is different. Sajid comes and asks who abused first. Stan says I had abused. At the same time, Sumbul shouts that you will not go out decently. After this Tina comes to talk to Shaleen but Sumbul starts shouting. Troubled by Sumbul’s behaviour, Tina also walks out in anger. Shaleen tries to stop Tina but Sumbul does not let her go. After this, Shaleen says that Sumbul shut up, Tina is also my friend. After this, there is a lot of confusion between Tina, Shaleen and Sumbul. With this the episode of the 48th day ends.

Tomorrow Tina will be seen saying that Sumbul holds Shaleen, what kind of friendship is this. On the other hand, in Friday’s war, Salman Khan will start Sumbul’s class. Salman Khan will tell Sumbul that what is it that you are not even allowing Tina to talk to Shaleen for two minutes. After this Sumbul will be seen saying that I do not want to live in this house. At the same time, Salman Khan will also conduct a class for Shaleen and Stan.

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