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Rakhi Sawant, imitating Sherlyn Chopra, told her a witch, said – I have 50 boyfriends

The industry’s drama queen Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant’s cat fight doesn’t seem to be over. First Rakhi Sawant attacked Sherlyn, then angry Sherlyn came and reprimanded Rakhi in front of the media. Now Rakhi has once again retaliated with Sherlyn Chopra’s boyfriend statement and reality show. A video of Rakhi Sawant has surfaced on social media where she is seen screaming and reacting to Sherlyn Chopra. Let us also tell you about the heated altercation between Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant.

How did the case start? The fight took place when Sherlyn Chopra accused Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan of sexual abuse and filed a police complaint. There is a constant protest about Sajid Khan. From Mandana Karimi to Ali Fazal, many stars have demanded the director’s expulsion from the show. In such a situation, Sherlyn also reiterated this demand and also complained to the police. Rakhi Sawant also jumped in this whole matter. But he supported Sajid Khan and surrounded Sherlyn Chopra. He said that Sherlyn accuses someone of rape every month. Then Sherlyn replied to Rakhi’s statement and now Rakhi has retaliated again.

what sherlyn chopra said..hear and see for yourself

Rakhi Sawant said – she has shaming my body
Rakhi Sawant recently targeted Sherlyn Chopra in a conversation with the paparazzi in Mumbai. He said that the goddess stands to kill every demon and Rakhi Sawant takes birth to eliminate a witch. I’m fat You have body-shamed me but I don’t care. Yes, I have had 50 boyfriends. Tell me what will you do? We have a lot of work and are very busy. I am doing a lot of work even though I am so fat.

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Rakhi Sawant made fun of Sherlyn Chopra
Rakhi Sawant was also seen imitating Sherlyn Chopra. She cries imitating Sherlyn and says that the police is not taking my complaint. If this is happening to a celebrity, then how does it happen to the common man? Hey brother, where are you a celebrity?



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