Rakhi Sawant will seek divorce as soon as Adil Khan comes out of jail, said – do not live life like hell

Because of Rakhi Sawant’s allegations, her husband Adil Khan Durrani is spending nights in jail these days. He is imprisoned in Mysore jail. The actress has accused him of domestic violence. Also, his ex-girlfriend has filed a case of alleged rape. Here Rakhi is following Islam religion completely. They have started fasting in the month of Ramzan. She is also offering Namaz for 5 times. She keeps telling this in her interactions with the media. Now in one such interview she is saying that she wants divorce from Adil. Whereas earlier he had shouted and said that no matter what happens. She won’t do that. She will not give up on her husband.

In a special conversation with ‘Bombay Times’, Rakhi Sawant had said a month back that she wanted to see Adil punished. On February 6, Rakhi had alleged domestic violence, cheating, theft of money and jewelry and also filed a case against Adil Khan Durrani. On February 12, an Iranian woman lodged an FIR at the Mysore police station accusing Adil of rape as well.

rakhi sawant now wants freedom

Now Rakhi Sawant has said that she will get divorced. According to him, ‘Yes I said earlier that I do not want divorce from Adil because I love him very much. Even when he abused me. Got me in trouble Even when he fought with me. Still I didn’t want divorce. While he kept saying that he will divorce me because he has to marry another. But I never thought of divorce. But now after being single for a month, I have realized that there is no point in being in a married relationship with this man. Who doesn’t respect me at all. He is in jail and obviously he cannot divorce me now. But as soon as he comes out one day I will give. I want to be free now and live a peaceful life.

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Rakhi Sawant said this on publicity

Rakhi Sawant denied that she gives statements in the media for publicity. He said- Has everyone gone through this situation? God protect those women who are facing such type of marriage issues in their life? How can this be a publicity stunt? Earlier I did not think that I would divorce but now I will. No one knows how Rakhi Sawant repeatedly falls in the clutches of the wrong man. Ritesh was also not a good choice.

Rakhi Sawant is fasting in Ramzan

Rakhi Sawant said that she wants to focus on her work. Says- I want to focus on my work and on good things. At present I am fasting in Ramzan and feel at peace. I am a little relaxed now and am not going to live the life of hell like before.

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