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Ratan Rajput’s first Chhath was memorable but why is she unable to fast now, the reason given

The season of ‘Chhath Puja’ comes after Diwali. Originally celebrated in Bihar, this festival is very special for the people living there. Everyone celebrates it with pomp. People eagerly wait for this festival. Whether it is a common man or a famous person, its echo is heard here. But this time Ratan Rajput could not celebrate this great festival. Why he himself has told this in an interview.

Ratan Rajput (Ratan Raajputh) said in a special conversation with Aaj Tak.in that the pain of being a Bihari is maximum when you are unable to go home during Chhath due to some reason. The actress told that on hearing the name of this festival, she remembers Bihar, family, Thekua and Discipline. The actress also shared memories of her first Chhath during this time. Told what had happened when he kept this fast.

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Such is the relationship of Ratan Rajput with the family
Sharing memories related to the festival, Ratan Rajput tells that he has never had a friendly relationship in the family. To respect their dignity. touch their feet. Similar bonding happens. Now on the day she observed this fast, she was sleeping with her mother in the worship room. Didi was pressing his and mother’s feet.

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Ratan Rajput’s first Chhath fast
According to Ratan Rajput, at that time she was not being seen as the youngest child in the house but as a mother because she had kept a fast. At that time everyone was working for him. No one was getting him to work, who always ran here and there for him. The actress further told that she did this fast after the TV serials ‘Agle Janam Mohe…’ and ‘Swayamvar’. He didn’t ask for any vows. Just wanted to thank God.

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That’s why I could not do Chhath Puja
Ratan told that this year she is not able to do this festival because there are many problems in the society for unmarried girls. Only married women can keep it. They have this right. Those who have not thought of marriage or are not married, then their condition becomes neither of home nor of ghat. She says that her in-laws do not belong to her and she cannot do such a thing in her maternal home.

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Ratan Rajput will start doing Chhath fast from this day
Although she also asks her mother who will do this festival after her, then she avoids. She says she will see. When she asks for it, her mother says that it is not given to daughters. Because in this Kul Devi has to be worshipped and she being Ratan Rajput daughter cannot touch. The actress also said during this that the girls who do not get married, how will they celebrate this ritual, the festival. However, she says that the day she got the answers to all her questions, she will start fasting from that day.



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