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Right of abortion was taken away from women in US, Divyanka Tripathi called the court’s decision wrong

TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is very beautiful. But at the same time, she remains vocal on the issues discussed. She is also very active on social media. Along with cute pictures on Instagram, she also keeps sharing her thoughts on Twitter. Now the US Supreme Court has abolished the constitutional right of abortion, then the actress has written a powerful post by tweeting, which everyone must read. But first let me tell you what is the matter?

Divyanka Tripathi tweeted and wrote, ‘Women should have the right to decide. Women had struggled for many years to get this right. Women, irrespective of caste or nation, we are one and women should have the right to take decisions. After this tweet, people openly supported Divyanka and said that this decision is against all the women of the world.

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Because of a woman, the court gave the right of abortion
Actually, abortion cases have increased more rapidly in America. Therefore, the Supreme Court has overturned the Row Vs Wade decision of 50 years ago and abolished the constitutional right of abortion. According to media reports, the matter is from 1973. When the Supreme Court, while giving a historic verdict, asked women to have abortions of their own free will. There was a case called Ro Banan Wade. There was a woman named Norma McCorvy in it. He already had two children. And for the third time she was pregnant. But he didn’t want that.

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US Supreme Court changed 50 year old decision
After this he moved the Federal Court of America. There they did not get permission for it. Then when she went to the Supreme Court, she got permission there. The court said during that time that what to do with the pregnancy should be the decision of the woman. After this women got this right. But now this 50 year old decision has been changed by the Supreme Court. On which Divyanka tweeted.


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