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Sajid Khan changed the rooms as soon as he became the captain, Tina got angry, full update of 45th day

Bigg Boss 16 Day 45 Written Update: After the return of Archana Gautam in Bigg Boss house, once again there is an uproar. The family members had thought that Archana must have changed after leaving the house, but Archana has again started rocking. There is also an interesting task regarding captaincy in the house. Know what else happened in the house on the 45th day.

Quarrel in the house over sugar
The 45th day in the house begins with the Bigg Boss anthem. After this, there is a lot of quarrel in the house regarding sugar. Archana is not ready to give sugar when asked by Priyanka. She says Chinese are not common. After this Priyanka shouts that sugar parathas will not be made in the house. Priyanka, Tina Dutta, Soundarya and Shaleen Bhanot also shout a lot about sugar. Priyanka tells Shaleen that she will return the sugar, but he takes it very jokingly. Meanwhile, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia says that Priyanka has come to take the footage. Nimrit and Sumbul have a fight with Soundarya in the kitchen. They shout a lot about breakfast. Gautam Vig is called to explain Soundarya, but she lashes out at him and tells Gautam to keep quiet.

New captain to be elected
Bigg Boss invites all the family members to the living area for the election of the new captain. After this, Bigg Boss lifts the ban imposed on Shaleen for the captaincy. Bigg Boss makes Sajid a tour guide for the captaincy task. The contestant has to become a statue when there is a voice in the task. After this, Sajid will decide which two contestants will make a tour of the house by making them a tourist and then bring both the members to the activity area. After this, the members who became tourists with mutual consent would exclude any three members who became statues from the race of captaincy.

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Sajid becomes the new captain of the house
Sajid, who became a tour guide, first selects Nimrit and Shaleen from among the statue-turned contestants and makes them tour the house by making them tourists. After this, Shaleen and Nimrit go to the activity area and with mutual consent, Gautam Vig, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary and Soundarya Sharma are thrown out of the captaincy race. In the second round, Sajid selects Sumbul and Tina as tourists and gives them a complete tour of the house. After this, Sumbul and Tina mutually eliminate Ankit, Archana and Abdu from the race for captaincy. In the third round, Sajid disguises himself as a tourist and takes Abdu and Stan and introduces them to the contestants in a very funny way. On the other hand, Abdu and Stan go into the activity and mutually agree to eliminate Shaleen, Sumbul and Tina from the race for captaincy. In the fourth round, Shiv and Ankit, selected by Sajid, eliminate Stan, Shiv and Nimrit from the race for captaincy. . With this, Sajid becomes the new captain of the house.

Big Boss brought new twist and turn
All the family members are happy when Sajid becomes the new captain of the house and Shiv and Shaleen carry him on their shoulders. But Bigg Boss once again brings a new twist and says that from now on Captain will rule the house like a king. Raja’s favorite people will stay in Room 2 and they will also be safe in nomination and will not do any household work. There will be royal cooks in Room of 3, they will be special to the king or queen. They will cook food for Room of 2 and Raja but will not do any other work of the house nor will they wash the utensils and will be safe in the nomination. The most disliked people of the king or queen will live in Room of 4 and Room of 6. The general public will stay in these rooms and the danger of nomination will continue to loom over them and they will not be able to nominate and all the household work will also be done by these people.

New Captain Sajid changed the rooms
After this, the new captain keeps Sajid Abdu and Shiv in Room 2. Room 3 has Sumbul, Nimrit and Stan. Shaleen Tina goes to Room of 4 and Gautam, Soundarya, Priyanka, Ankit and Archana go to Room of 6. After this, Bigg Boss says that earlier when you came in the activity, you were a contestant, but now when you are leaving, someone is a king, someone is a royal cook and someone is a rejected public.

Tina got angry with Sajid
Tina gets angry after Sajid gives room to his favorite members. Tina tells Sajid that you have done the flip. Tina says where do I and Shaleen stand. Nimrit says that I did not think that Sajid would take Sumbul. Tina says why should we prove our loyalty and now we too at the last moment. Tina tells Shaleen that they took you earlier so that you do not flip at the last time. After this, Shaleen comes to Tina and says that I have seen Sajid, he gives bullets. At the same time, Tina says that always do the same. I have trust issues with him. With this, the 45th day of Bigg Boss house comes to an end.

Tomorrow Archana and Priyanka have a fight in the kitchen and they will create trouble for Sajid’s captaincy.

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