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Sajid Khan’s intelligence will come then… Boyfriend Sunny Chaudhary, furious for getting Gori Nagori to do personal work

Gori Nagori, who is seen in Bigg Boss 16, is emerging as one of the strongest contestants. She is now taking a stand of her own. She is also seen speaking out against her old friends. In the past episodes too, you saw how he got into an argument with Shiv and Sajid Khan over food. Not only this, you have also heard her say many times that she also washes Sajid’s clothes because filmmakers used to ask her to do so. Now the actress’ boyfriend Sunny Chaudhary has spoken openly in this matter. In an interview, he has supported Gori from the front and said a lot of things.

Actually, when Gori Nagori came in Bigg Boss 16, she did not think that she would be able to open as much as her complexion is being seen right now. Ever since she started appearing in the nominations, she was seen taking a stand. Now in an interview given to ETimes, her boyfriend Sunny Chaudhary supported Gori’s decision. Said he was proud of them. Along with this, Sunny has also advised Gori to be careful with Soundarya and Gautam. It is said that he can cheat them at any time. Apart from this, he is also waiting for when Gori will refuse to do Sajid’s personal work.

Sunny Choudhary on Gori Nagori’s game plan
Sunny Chaudhary said, ‘I am happy that Gori is playing her game. He is not dependent on others. Half of her problems will be solved automatically when she starts playing alone. Till now she was part of the group but now she is alone. Due to this, the family members also have problems. He called them simple. Everyone thought that she would be homeless in the first week itself but she did not let it happen. He proved himself and when she started playing alone she became bad for him.

Gori Nagori doesn’t need Shiv Thackeray and MC Stan
Sunny further said a lot for MC Stan, Shiv Thackeray and Salman Khan as well. He said, ‘I don’t think Salman Khan has ever done anything wrong with her. He has always encouraged her. In a negative way, he has spoken and guided him only positive things. A lot of negative things were spoken but what do you know if his game will shine. Because he was there to wake her up. Anyway, Ghori doesn’t need MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray. She cannot win this game by relying on others.

Gori Nagori should forbid the works of Sajid Khan
For doing Sajid Khan’s personal work, Sunny also said – I want to see Gori go and say on Sajid Khan’s face that she has not come to do his personal work. She has also come here as a contestant and a contestant, so why is she expecting that she will do her personal work. I think once this happens, Sajid Khan will realize his mistake. His wisdom will come then.

Gori Nagori beware of Soundarya and Gautam
Sunny Chaudhary also gave his opinion on Ghori’s relationship with Soundarya and Gautam. He said, ‘I think Soundarya and Gautam are trying to break up Ghori, Shiv and their group. Because they know their strength. And he continues to provoke her. I want Ghori not to be influenced by anyone and she should take her own decisions. He should maintain friendship with everyone. You should also play your game while standing with friends. He also needs to be alert to Soundarya and Gautam. Because both are couples and will always support each other. Both are each other’s priority. He is simply instigating Ghori against his own friends. are being used against them.



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