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See brothers… this week also no one will be evicted because Bigg Boss is cooking ‘Birbal’s Khichdi’

‘Big Boss is great, pride of our heart, we are all sacrifices…’ Blah-blah and blah. Yes means whatever is his poem. That’s what he should know. All we know is that Bigg Boss is really great. Keeping all his rules in check, he keeps on reprimanding the disliked contestant like a school teaser and is seen saving the favorite from every mistake. Some are protected by nominations, while others are given lavish chicken and pizza parties. Now watch the last episode only. Sajid Khan (Sajid Khan) is smoking cigarette in the open in front of the camera despite all the warnings, but what a pleasure, even a lick has come out of Big Boss’s mouth. Whereas in the previous seasons, the audience did not know what the contestants used to do inside that shell. This time everyone has wired that place.

Apart from this, also consider the nominations. More than a month has passed but only 3 members have been rendered homeless. Gori Nagori, Manya Singh and Srijita Dey. Whenever Sumbul and Soundarya got stuck in this maze, Bigg Boss saved them. And this time also the same will happen. Looks like 99.9%. Even 0.1% Dettol does not kill germs, how can we give this much assurance?

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Couple nominated this time in Bigg Boss 16
A pair of two swans each is nominated for eviction this week. Tina Dutta – Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vij – Soundarya Sharma. Whereas Saudarya Sharma who is a doctor. Big Boss’s favorite. Despite appearing in the nominations twice, she is completely safe and is resting at home. Now for the third time she is tasting it again with Tina’s fingers. If there are three wicks, they keep coming and going in it every now and then. But they become safe. So.

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Why won’t anyone be homeless this week?
Look, Jin-Jin has been put on the homeless list. They are all couples. Couples get the highest priority in Bigg Boss. Tina Dutta is strong. Gives your opinion on every issue. She seems to be planning and plotting. Sometimes love angles are also made and seen on the screen. On the other hand, Shaleen Bhanot is also fine. Because of his chicken and for relationships, he is seen on TV. Classes may be held in Weekend Ka Vaar too, but Salman Khan’s name is chanted. In the last episode, he also observed Priyanka-Archana’s game plan very well, after which everyone praised him. So both of them are not going anywhere now.

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Soundarya and Gautam’s shoddy game plan
Now Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vij are left. Soundarya Sharma is currently having the most weeks among the three. Even though he has more than 6 million followers on Instagram, he is weak at the moment. Because she is not contributing that much to the show. Right now, after persuading Salman Khan, she is making a good place in the show by shouting and fighting. However, Gautam Vig’s game plan has also gone awry at this time. He is seen chatting with Soundarya or fighting with Shaleen on unnecessary issues. There is no planning of your own.

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If there is an eviction then they will go out
If Bigg Boss removes any one of these, then the game will be spoiled because then the makers will not get the kind of content that these four have been giving till now. However, if the dice roll, Bigg Boss can evict Gautam. Because Soundarya Sharma has been seen joking around with Shiv Thackeray, which has been noticed many times by the rest of the family. In such a situation, even if Gautam misses 0.1%, then the makers will find a solution.



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