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Seeing Pakhi in Kapadia House, Anupama will be blown away, Barkha will move more

Anupamaa TV Show Updates: These days the show interesting track is going on in the TV show ‘Anupama’. Chhoti Anu’s entry has created a new furore in the family. Anupama and Anuj are facing many difficulties after becoming parents in the show. Both have adopted a daughter a few days back and both are enjoying life with little Anupama. However, Anupama, Kinjal and Shah are upset about sharing responsibilities with the family. Barkha and Adhik, on the other hand, are playing new tricks against Anupama. In the next episode of the show, more is going to bring Pakhi to Kapadia House. Here Barkha will be seen luring her with expensive clothes and accessories.

In Anupama’s next episode, more Pakhi will express love, he will kiss her in the car. Pakhi will be very happy. More then, Pakhi will be persuaded to go to the Kapadia house. Barkha will welcome Pakhi into the house and will pretend to love her. She will give him her clothes and an expensive bag too. Pakhi will be very happy here. Barkha will be seen trying to trick Pakhi.

Pakhi will be enjoying her happiness that only then Anupama will come home. She will get angry seeing Pakhi in Barkha’s clothes. Barkha, on the other hand, will get nervous seeing Anupama that what will she do now after seeing all this. So the audience is going to have a lot of fun in the upcoming episodes. Barkha, Pakhi and Anupama will have a cat fight. Anupama will get furious on seeing her daughter’s actions.

On the other hand, in the show, when Anupama and Anupama go to Pakhi’s school to get the younger Anupama admitted and Pakhi protests, Anupama is already very angry, so what does Anupama do with her anger and anger. ? There is going to be a lot of uproar in the next episode of the show. Let’s see how Anupama manages her daughter’s intelligence.


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