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‘Sent to school, why sent to Bigg Boss’, Tina Dutta’s mother angry at Sumbul’s father

Bigg Boss 16 Shukrvaar Ka Vaar Episode: Bigg Boss is getting bigger and bigger day by day. The battles going on in the house have now reached the family members. In the past, you must have seen that the love triangle going on between Sumbul, Tina and Shaleen was bothering Sumbul’s father a lot. In favor of his daughter, Sumbul’s father was continuously seen making many serious allegations against Tina and Shaleen. Due to the debate going on daily on social media, Salman Khan gave an opportunity to the parents of all three to come on the show in this Friday’s war and started discussing this issue by sitting in front of him.

In the recently shared promo, you can see that Sumbul’s father is repeatedly trying to cover up his mistakes by calling Sumbul a little girl. In such a situation, Tina’s mother caught hold of this point and told her that if your daughter is so young, why would you send her to school, why send her to Bigg Boss… Also in this promo it is shown that Salman Khan Told Sumbul’s father that- You feel that a lot of oppression is happening with your daughter in this show. That’s why you tried to talk to your daughter on the pretext of hospital.

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In Friday’s war, the parents of Shaleen, Tina and Sumbul will be seen confronting each other, as well as Salman Khan will also put Priyanka Singh’s class on seeing her double standards. In fact, all the battles that Archana Gautam has had in the house in the last week, Priyanka Singh has left Archana’s side at the last moment. Raising this issue, Salman Khan will talk to Priyanka on her double standards.

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